Let it go
Thu Dec 27, 2018 17:57

Peyton held her breath as Jasmine attempted to lasso the gingerbread man-that one was decidedly male, not because boys behaved worse than girls did, after all Ryan obviously was better behaved than Carrie had been, so were Jake and Arnold, but because his voice and mannerisms seemed so and he'd specifically used the word man -and failed. "Nice try though." Peyton told her friend, admiring the other third year's creative solution to the problem.

She sighed inwardly. "I suppose we do." She wasn't exactly keen on the idea of chasing after the gingerbread man herself. After all, gingerbread people were known for being fast runners and Peyton was not really all that athletic. The chances of her being able to catch it were pretty slim. "What harm could it really do to just let it go? I mean, it's just a cookie so it's not like it can really do much damage. Besides, we have all these other gingerbread people to decorate."

The third year turned back to one of the sheets of gingerbread people, leaving the other one for Jasmine. She picked up a tube of blue icing and was about to start giving the gingerbread person a beautiful ballgown when it exclaimed "Not that tube! I hate blue. Give me a red dress."

Peyton groaned and turned to her friend. "I am never making gingerbread people again!" She looked at the gingerbread person next to the one she'd been about to decorate. "Do you like blue?"

"Very much so! But I don't want a gown, because I'm a man and I don't wear gowns."

"Fine." Peyton replied. She began to give the gingerbread man a set of blue dress robes.

  • I can't catch you, you're the gingerbread manJasmine, Fri Dec 21 12:58
    Jasmine loved making cookies. More than that, she loved decorating cookies. So when Peyton asked her to help with her gingerbread people, Jasmine had been delighted to agree. Peyton was a great... more
    • Let it go — Peyton, Thu Dec 27 17:57
      • Can't hold him back anymoreJasmine, Mon Dec 31 09:22
        Jasmine watched the gingerman run off out of sight and wished him a good life. Albeit a naked life without the benefit of beautiful clothes like his batch-mates were going to have. It was his own... more
        • There are other problems to deal withPeyton, Tue Jan 1 03:41
          Peyton considered this. "Possibly. Sometimes things just go wrong with magic and with food both." She paused. "I wonder if they're safe to even eat." "We're not! We'll make you sick! Don't eat us!"... more
          • There always areJasmine, Thu Jan 3 19:58
            Jasmine bit her lip as she looked at the cookies, not having considered that they might not be safe to eat, if it was the fault of the flour. Mostly she'd just thought something might be off with the ... more
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