Ivy Brockert
One isn't necessary
Fri Dec 28, 2018 22:38

Ivy had mostly had a pretty good fourth year at Sonora,other than facing some slight and puzzling rudeness from a younger student. She had gotten involved with the paper and she was really enjoying it a lot. Now she was really looking forward to the state fair, she'd even made a container garden to enter and between that, the paper, orchestra and her actual studies, Ivy had managed to stay quite busy all year round.

The garden itself included plants that were both magical and mundane and included flowers and herbs alike. Ivy had chosen to grow parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme along with puffapods, dried nettles and flitterbloom. And of course, she had planted ivy and lavender, representing herself and her sister. Then she had shrunk a lilac bush and some roses to represent her mother and Peyton, whose middle name was Rose. There were some shrinking violets too plus beebane and a venus fly trap.

She had also decided to try and grow a Chinese Chomping Cabbage to enter in the contest for for doing so. That...was only mildly successful and she'd kind of struggled with it because it kept wanting to chomp on her. Her container garden had turned out a lot better.

Before she went to check on her plants to see how she'd done, Ivy collected her yearbook and opened it up. Instead of flipping directly to the fourth year page, she looked through the whole thing from the beginning. She was slightly surprised that Evelyn Stones had been voted the Friendliest first year since the girl hadn't been all that friendly to Ivy. Maybe she was a really nice person and Ivy was the problem? Still, the Teppenpaw didn't understand why since she hadn't ever met Evelyn before the first Aronos meeting.

She turned to the third year page and noted that her brother had gotten Most Creative and Friendliest. Now that was well deserved! And Peyton had gotten Most Bashful. Ivy figured that her cousin would be happy with that since she thought it was something that Ryan had won in one of the past incarnations of the yearbook and Peyton really looked up to her big brother.

Then Ivy turned to her own class' page and her mouth fell open in surprise. Ivy had won five things? Friendliest, Most Likely to Be Found in the Library, Most Creative, Biggest Brain and Most Involved! A big smile spread over Ivy's face. This meant a lot to her and she really appreciated how well her classmates thought of her to vote her for all these awards.

She closed her yearbook and made her way to the horticulture pavillion to check on her plants. First she approached the Chinese Chomping Cabbage where a big colorful ribbon that said Honorable Mention was waiting for her, but after the yearbook Ivy didn't feel a bit disappointed. Besides, she hadn't really expected to do that well anyway and it was a really pretty ribbon.

Next she went over to the container gardens and noted with pleasure that there was a ribbon there too, a nice blue first place one. She also spottted Cleo. "Hi." Ivy greeted the other fourth year. "How'd you do?"

OOC-Apparently more than one person can get the same kind of ribbon at a state fair so you're free to say Cleo got a first place ribbon as well

  • No prizes for guessing where I'll beCleo James, Thu Dec 27 09:32
    Cleo was excited for the state fair. She and her daddy had been to them, or to similar, small scale local versions, on occasion, both magical and muggle, seeing as he was muggleborn. Their favourite... more
    • One isn't necessary — Ivy Brockert, Fri Dec 28 22:38
      • But is very niceCleo, Mon Dec 31 10:50
        "Oh, hi Ivy," Cleo greeted the other girl. She had often noted Ivy's name when it came up in roll call, especially during herbology where it seemed kind of funny, like Professor Xavier had switched... more
        • AgreedIvy, Thu Jan 3 02:00
          "That's really cool. Congratulations." Ivy smiled at Cleo. She knew that the Crotalus had to have had kind of a hard year, what with being outed as a veela and all. She could not begin to imagine how ... more
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