Connor Priory
Good for you!
Sat Dec 29, 2018 21:57

Connor was really excited to go to the state fair. He had never been to one before. Because of his mother's back problems, they didn't get to do much that wasn't local unless it was a family thing such as visiting his grandparents. Mom had been the victim of a freak bludger accident when she was back in school and was in a lot of pain now. It was why Connor and his sisters were not allowed to play Quidditch. His father was anxious that something similar-or worse-would happen to them.

Not that any of them minded. Connor preferred watching games to playing them, Sophia thought sports were stupid and Lydia was very much a delicate fragile girl who'd never be interested in such things. Plus, she was also very much a girly-girl.

He accepted his yearbook from Headmaster Brockert and looked through it quickly, noting that he'd gotten Gentleman. Gentleman was a word that, while containing connotations of being extra proper and formal such as the Crotalus boys a year ahead of him, also meant one who was courteous, chivalrous and/or honorable. These were things that Connor tried very hard to be so he appreciated the award very much.

Or it could be because he was a pureblood. Everyone else who'd won the same award was.

Anyway, maybe it would impress Peyton. A bashful girl like her-that was what she'd won-deserved a guy who'd treat her with kindness and respect rather some obnoxious alpha male or someone who wouldn't be understanding of her shyness. Although Connor didn't think Peyton was too painfully shy but she had needed encouragement to enter the baking competition.

The fourth year, however, had not entered anything. His main hobby was playing the trombone and while there were some bands playing-and they were not the sort of bands that included the trombone anyway-there was no competition for it.

At least that gave Connor ample free time to check out everything that the fair had to offer. And there was a lot! Food and rides and exhibits. He decided to check out some of the different competitions, to see what others had made.

He entered the Art Pavilion, looking around for a familiar face. Connor didn't spot any of his fellow Dungeons and Dragons players, and Peyton and Ivy, of course,were busy with their own entries in baking and horticulture respectively. He spotted Dorian Montoir though and made his way over to the Teppenpaw. "Hey." Connor greeted the other boy, smiling warmly. "How's it going? Did you enter anything or are you just a lover of art?" His tone was friendly and made it clear that he didn't think there was anything wrong with that.

  • Being myself Dorian Montoir, Thu Dec 20 11:53
    Dorian was excited for the fair. It seemed like there would be a lot to see and do there. It was sort of like a museum, only outside, and with things that ordinary people had made. Whilst he admired... more
    • Good for you! — Connor Priory, Sat Dec 29 21:57
      • Um, thanksDorian, Sun Dec 30 04:57
        "I made a calligraphy," Dorian answered, his tone quiet and neutral. He was unsure, after saying it, whether 'made' was the right verb in English, but he did not know Connor well enough to seek... more
        • You're welcomeConnor, Wed Jan 2 00:31
          "Oh that's really neat." Connor replied. Just because calligraphy wasn't one of his own talents didn't mean he looked down on it. Some people were like that. According to Uncle Adam, it was the... more
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