Let's get this show on the road
Sun Dec 30, 2018 05:11

Tasha seemed fine with Raine joining them, and the Teppenpaw's posture relaxed a bit. In fact, Tasha was actually smiling at her, and Raine returned it. Her expression wasn't so effusive as Tasha's because Raine simply wasn't able to warm up to strangers that quickly, but it was genuine, whilst also betraying a little of the nervousness she felt.

"Food's always interesting," she agreed. She feared it might also be expensive at something like this, or rather expensive to her but not to anyone else. Still, she didn't want to be disagreeable, and she was genuinely interested to see what was on offer. She could treat herself to something if it looked really good, and maybe some places would have free samples. She could always say she wasn't very hungry or that she planned to go on the rides later and didn't want to do so on a full stomach.

"I wonder if there's an Ethiopian stall," she added, quietly enough that the remark might get lost against the background noise, depending on whether or not her companions were really giving her their attention or not. She doubted that there really would be one but it seemed sort of funny and sort of... nostalgic to suggest it. She just wasn't confident enough in her ability to be either of those things to do so very loudly.

  • Glad you could join usTasha, Sat Dec 29 18:15
    Tasha looked over at the sound of Raine Collindale's voice and her heart sank. Joe was probably going to go off with the other Teppenpaw instead and leave her on her own. She didn't really have... more
    • Let's get this show on the road — Raine, Sun Dec 30 05:11
      • “Food’s good,” agreed Joe, pleased to see everyone getting along. This, he thought, was why he thought he and Julian were closer these days. Well, part of it was just that he was old enough for them... more
        • Let's enjoy it while we can.Tasha, Mon Dec 31 22:56
          Well, not only was she not being rejected and left on her own, they were even agreeable to her suggestion of trying different food. Raine even returned her smile, though the Teppenpaw girl seemed a... more
          • And then enjoy what comes nextRaine, Tue Jan 1 10:08
            Raine was never sure how seriously to take these offers. Look me up if you’re ever passing through… That was different than ‘come visit,’ less intense, and people could even say the second one... more
            • Travel, work. These plans were not altogether surprising given the speakers. Joe nodded. “You’re both more ambitious than me, then,” he said. “I’m planning to spend a lot of time doing not much of... more
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