Can't hold him back anymore
Mon Dec 31, 2018 09:22

Jasmine watched the gingerman run off out of sight and wished him a good life. Albeit a naked life without the benefit of beautiful clothes like his batch-mates were going to have. It was his own fault for running off before they were done with him. But she wished him a good naked life and hoped he didn't get stepped on too quickly.

As Peyton picked up a tube of frosting and set to her tray, Jasmine settled beside the other one. Peyton was getting some complaints from her cookies, so Jasmine decided to avoid that problem by asking her cookies what they wanted to wear. She sent Peyton a sympathetic look but kind of doubted Peyton would never make these again. They were a lot of fun when they weren't running off and being ungrateful. Or maybe they just wouldn't use the enchanted flour next time. Or maybe try a different brand that maybe had less backtalk.

"It might have been a bad batch of flour?" she suggested, not entirely sure that was the problem, but feeling it was a good guess. "I don't remember the ones at Christmas giving us this much trouble."

She addressed her first gingerwoman (as identified by the cookie cutter used to mold her already wearing a dress). "I'm a qualified gingerbread dress designer," she told it, quite certain that there was no such thing but if there was, she would meet the requirements to be so qualified, "What kind of dress would you like? Cute? Beautiful? Elegant? Any favorite colors?"

"Oh," her first cookie said, delighted, "I'd love an adorable little green outfit, with red highlights. Maybe a Santa's elf hat?"

Jasmine beamed at it, pleased that this approach seemed to be working so well. "Excellent. I can make you into an adorable little elf gingerbread girl." She picked up the green tube of frosting and set to it.

  • Let it goPeyton, Thu Dec 27 17:57
    Peyton held her breath as Jasmine attempted to lasso the gingerbread man-that one was decidedly male, not because boys behaved worse than girls did, after all Ryan obviously was better behaved than... more
    • Can't hold him back anymore — Jasmine, Mon Dec 31 09:22
      • There are other problems to deal withPeyton, Tue Jan 1 03:41
        Peyton considered this. "Possibly. Sometimes things just go wrong with magic and with food both." She paused. "I wonder if they're safe to even eat." "We're not! We'll make you sick! Don't eat us!"... more
        • There always areJasmine, Thu Jan 3 19:58
          Jasmine bit her lip as she looked at the cookies, not having considered that they might not be safe to eat, if it was the fault of the flour. Mostly she'd just thought something might be off with the ... more
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