Nevaeh Reed
The last year, anyway
Mon Dec 31, 2018 13:18

So this was it.

She had spent seven years in this place, being led and trying to lead as best she could, and above all else, learning. Nevaeh had learned a lot, both academically (obviously) and personally. She had made friends and seen one disappear without a goodbye - Barnaby Pye still swept through her mind with some frequency, the memory of how she had felt about him but was too young and unsure to convey - and all the time had never really seen any of them. But she knew them. Blind or not, she knew them. She knew the particular spring in Kyte’s step, knew the gracefulness with which Raine moved. She knew how Tess’s voice changed when she was speaking through a smile, and how often that smile came when Ben Pierce was around. And even without them, she had never been alone. She had Scout, her constant companion, an extension of herself. The only thing Nevaeh didn’t know was how people were looking at her, but she had made her peace with that a long time ago.

The Aladren had also had her fair share of struggles with the staff, but in entirely individualized ways. It was mostly, if not exclusively, the substitute professor and Pecari Head of House with whom she had found near constant conflict. Isis Carter was a person she had spent the first ten years of her life wondering all about, only to intrinsically refute upon actually knowing. Maybe it was the secrecy that weighed her down, or maybe they were just incompatible people. But either way, the tensions had only strengthened this year as Isis found new ways to form an updated family picture without Nevaeh in it, all the while claiming - quietly - that she so desperately wanted her to be a part of it.

It was what it was. Maybe something better would grow when they weren’t together all the time, or in a setting where most people weren’t intended to know who they were to one another. Nevaeh promised to write, but she wasn’t entirely sure that she intended to keep that promise when she got to college. After all, a Herbology major could be pretty demanding, she imagined. It would depend on the collegiate transition, and how much she felt like hearing about the new baby sister who would be arriving in the summer. The baby Isis was actually keeping.

Nevaeh tried to shake those thoughts away and allow herself to enjoy the fair and her last hurrah as a Sonora student before she would be on her way. And she had been, but as she wandered, she heard someone address her. “Enjoying the fair?”

“Yeah,” she answered, smiling despite herself. Professor Xavier had been her favorite professor since the very beginning, teaching her favorite class and with her favorite kind way about him. However, she was still gaging how to feel about Nathan Xavier, her step-father. She attended the wedding mostly because her parents (the Reeds) insisted that she should, and she assumed it was beautiful. It was just… weird. “I haven’t checked to see how the horticulture competitions went yet, though. Do you know where they put mine?”

  • A good yearNathan Xavier, Thu Dec 20 20:19
    Nathan walked among the horticulture displays, partly supervising the students checking out the schools' contributions, but mostly enjoying the horticultural displays for himself, both those made by... more
    • The last year, anyway — Nevaeh Reed, Mon Dec 31 13:18
      • May the next be less awkwardNathan, Wed Jan 2 10:45
        “Absolutely,” he promised, glad that he’d already picked out where Nevaeh’s entry was in preparation of showing it off to Isis later. “We’re standing next to the a Beginner’s planters, now,” he told... more
        • Fingers crossedNevaeh (and Scout), Wed Jan 2 20:10
          Scout was a good boy. He helped his human navigate her very different world, and he was quiet and well-behaved. He took his responsibilities very seriously and was only playful when it was... more
          • Re: Fingers crossedNathan, Thu Jan 3 13:29
            Nathan was surprised. He probably shouldn’t have been, having known Nevaeh as long as he had, but he was still a little surprised that she actually voiced her concerns and doubts instead of keeping... more
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