If only it didn’t have to end so soon.
Mon Dec 31, 2018 16:19

“Food’s good,” agreed Joe, pleased to see everyone getting along.

This, he thought, was why he thought he and Julian were closer these days. Well, part of it was just that he was old enough for them to function more as equals than they had when he was small, but also that they both were what they were, yet were able to have friends who were other things. If Julian could somehow have John and Mom and her friends in the same rooms sometimes without anyone dying, then Joe could enjoy the fair with both Raine and Tasha without even a death glare in any direction.

He tilted his head closer to Raine when he heard her start to speak, knowing she was often a quiet person and that it would take a little effort to hear her when she was speaking in the middle of a fairly loud event. He smiled when he heard what she had to say.

“That would be something, wouldn’t it?” he said at the thought of Ethiopian food. “Really good for old times’ sake.” He tried to figure out if he remembered enough to do a bit of transformation on some boring foodstuff to make it like Ethiopian food, and if that would be funny or a little weird. “I’d say you two should come to Canada sometime, but our regional cuisine’s not too interesting.”

Saying this reminded him that it was...the end. Made it almost real, even. He’d say goodbye to them, and to Georgia and Jozua, and then it would be...over. There was a chance he’d see none of them again and not much of a chance at all of maintaining any real sorts of relationships…

“Seriously though - look me up if you’re ever in western Canada, both of you,” he said. “Or it might be easier to look up my sister and have her do it - she’d also love that.” He considered it part of his duty as godfather to prevent Julian from quite smothering poor Cecily, as if the way Julian was about her brothers was anything to go on, she was going to be the aggressively overbearing, over-involved sort of mother. “I’ll put the right province in when I sign your yearbooks,” he added. “What do you guys have planned for summer.”

  • Let's get this show on the roadRaine, Sun Dec 30 05:11
    Tasha seemed fine with Raine joining them, and the Teppenpaw's posture relaxed a bit. In fact, Tasha was actually smiling at her, and Raine returned it. Her expression wasn't so effusive as Tasha's... more
    • If only it didn’t have to end so soon. — Joe, Mon Dec 31 16:19
      • Let's enjoy it while we can.Tasha, Mon Dec 31 22:56
        Well, not only was she not being rejected and left on her own, they were even agreeable to her suggestion of trying different food. Raine even returned her smile, though the Teppenpaw girl seemed a... more
        • And then enjoy what comes nextRaine, Tue Jan 1 10:08
          Raine was never sure how seriously to take these offers. Look me up if you’re ever passing through… That was different than ‘come visit,’ less intense, and people could even say the second one... more
          • Travel, work. These plans were not altogether surprising given the speakers. Joe nodded. “You’re both more ambitious than me, then,” he said. “I’m planning to spend a lot of time doing not much of... more
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