Let's enjoy it while we can.
Mon Dec 31, 2018 22:56

Well, not only was she not being rejected and left on her own, they were even agreeable to her suggestion of trying different food. Raine even returned her smile, though the Teppenpaw girl seemed a little nervous. "That would be great." Tasha agreed. "Ethiopian food is so amazing. I've never really been to a fair like this so I have no idea what they have though I did see a walking taco and hear some ice cream screaming."

"Don't sell Canadian cuisine short." She said. "Personally I think some of it's very good, such as poutine, garlic fingers and lobster rolls. Oh and meat pies." Tasha could usually find something good to eat in any country though there were places she drew the line such as spiders which were served in Cambodia or any sort of insect. She understood that in some places people were starving because they were ruled by dictators so they had to eat what they could but could never quite fathom why they'd kept on eating them after things improved. Tasha had a life long fear of spiders as it was and the thought of those hairy little legs going down her throat made her want to gag.

Of course, even though the thought made her feel sick, she supposed it was better than the reverse, an acromantula eating her.

Tasha nodded. She hadn't really expected to ever see Joe again after graduation and now he was offering to have them visit. "I can probably arrange that. My dad has relatives in Montreal but I haven't really been to western Canada."

She continued. "I'll probably be traveling this summer and for awhile." Unlike a lot of pureblood girls, Tasha wasn't getting married right away. She'd probably end up with a foreign guy eventually , preferably one who spoke English. She was fluent in French and Portuguese too but English was still her main language.

The Aladren saw the sign for the culinary pavilion. "Hey do you guys-" Her voice broke off as something small and brown rushed by.

"Run run, fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."

She turned to her companions. "What was that?"

  • “Food’s good,” agreed Joe, pleased to see everyone getting along. This, he thought, was why he thought he and Julian were closer these days. Well, part of it was just that he was old enough for them... more
    • Let's enjoy it while we can. — Tasha, Mon Dec 31 22:56
      • And then enjoy what comes nextRaine, Tue Jan 1 10:08
        Raine was never sure how seriously to take these offers. Look me up if you’re ever passing through… That was different than ‘come visit,’ less intense, and people could even say the second one... more
        • Travel, work. These plans were not altogether surprising given the speakers. Joe nodded. “You’re both more ambitious than me, then,” he said. “I’m planning to spend a lot of time doing not much of... more
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