And then enjoy what comes next
Tue Jan 1, 2019 10:08

Raine was never sure how seriously to take these offers. Look me up if you’re ever passing through… That was different than ‘come visit,’ less intense, and people could even say the second one without really meaning it - we must get together sometime… She found herself nodding and smiling because that was what one did but it felt hard to imagine just popping over to Joe’s house and having tea because she happened to be in Western Canada. It had always been difficult to picture herself amongst her classmates’ families. One of the ways in which Sonora worked was she didn’t really have to interact with people beyond themselves, and search for, and fail to get, the approval of their families. She got the impression Joe’s family were all very smart, and rather proper.

Tasha already seemed to know a fair bit about Canada. Raine could recognise some of the things she mentioned, or elements of them. She knew it had maple syrup. She was glad, however, when the subject switched to summers, as she had more to say about that.

“I’ll be working,” she answered, with a smile. “Summer’s always super busy. So… I guess I’ll be doing what I can, and then catch up on training as I go, or in autumn when it’s quieter.” She had given herself a strict training routine at school, or had done her best too, but it felt like she maintained her level - her condition, her flexibility - rather than really improving as much as she should. She just hoped the best years, where she could have made the most improvements, weren’t gone. She thought they might be though, and that the school, which had promised her a proper education and opportunities, had robbed her of something instead. The younger you trained at gymnastics and aerials, the better you were. She might never be as good as she could have been, if they hadn’t forced this lifestyle on her, and she felt a sudden stab of resentment, the old feelings of it being a prison creeping back into her consciousness.

You can’t catch me…

Her train of thought was interrupted by this, and Tasha’s subsequent question.

“It was a cookie. Running,” Raine answered, her eyes following the gingerbread figure as it disappeared amongst the legs of other fair goers. Admittedly that was noteworthy, but it didn’t strike her as being totally unusual, given that they’d just been talking about walking tacos and screaming ice cream.

  • Let's enjoy it while we can.Tasha, Mon Dec 31 22:56
    Well, not only was she not being rejected and left on her own, they were even agreeable to her suggestion of trying different food. Raine even returned her smile, though the Teppenpaw girl seemed a... more
    • And then enjoy what comes next — Raine, Tue Jan 1 10:08
      • Travel, work. These plans were not altogether surprising given the speakers. Joe nodded. “You’re both more ambitious than me, then,” he said. “I’m planning to spend a lot of time doing not much of... more
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