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Wed Jan 2, 2019 00:31

"Oh that's really neat." Connor replied. Just because calligraphy wasn't one of his own talents didn't mean he looked down on it. Some people were like that. According to Uncle Adam, it was the Quidditch players looking down on those who weren't. Especially if you were male. Or at the very least, they thought they were somehow special. Not just that they were proud of what they could do but that they thought being good at sports was more important than being talented at art or music or academics.

Interestingly enough, his sister Sophia, who was good at both flying and academics, tended to be more interested in the latter and generally thought Quidditch was stupid. Not that people who liked playing it or watching it or were good at it necessarily were but the sport itself was.

Anyway, Connor had never really felt picked on by Quidditch players or anyone else but he could kind of see that his uncle had sort of a point. After all, Quidditch was school sponsored with an actual coach that was paid, whether or not the Headmaster himself actually cared about it-and Connor's guess was no, since Headmaster Brockert did not seem like he cared about much-whereas there had never been a school orchestra until Louis Valois started one. Now Connor and Ivy had to fight to keep it open while the Quidditch players had combined into a full school team and were playing against other schools despite a waning interest among the students at Sonora. Hence the lack of house teams.

"No, I'm just checking out other people's work. " Connor replied. "I more of a musician than an artist. I play the trombone."

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    "I made a calligraphy," Dorian answered, his tone quiet and neutral. He was unsure, after saying it, whether 'made' was the right verb in English, but he did not know Connor well enough to seek... more
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