May the next be less awkward
Wed Jan 2, 2019 10:45

“Absolutely,” he promised, glad that he’d already picked out where Nevaeh’s entry was in preparation of showing it off to Isis later. “We’re standing next to the a Beginner’s planters, now,” he told her, figuring he could work his way over toward Nevaeh’s slowly and tell her about the herbological competitions along the way. “Sonora did well. This one, here, I think you’ll like,” he said, leading her to one entry in particular, “It won a blue first place ribbon for most pleasant fragrances.” He leaned in and drew a deep breath through his nose to appreciate the fine combination of floral scents.

He led her meanderingly through the exhibits, always heading generally in the direction of her own submission, and giving clear descriptions of every exhibit they passed.

Nevaeh was the only blind student he had ever taught, and he knew he would do this for any student needing his words to understand what was in the visual world around them, though he’d probably tone down the technical herbological terms if he wasn’t talking to an Advanced Aladren student he knew would soon be studying Herbology at a college level.

Yet, he couldn’t help but also be aware that the young woman beside him was his new wife’s biological daughter. A biological daughter she had given up for adoption and whose relationship with her was currently very strained. A young woman who he wasn’t quite sure how to fit into his new growing family, or even if she wanted to fit.

“You know,” he said, while the walked to the next exhibit, “If you ever want to meet up next year, to talk herbology or . . . Isis . . . or anything, my floo is always open, or we can meet up for sandwiches or something, have a chance to meet your sister, if you want.”

He stopped walking, “And here’s yours. Congratulations, you got a ribbon, too!” He picked it up, waved his wand over it as he cast a quick spell to add braille markings to it so she could read it for herself, and handed it to her.

  • The last year, anywayNevaeh Reed, Mon Dec 31 13:18
    So this was it. She had spent seven years in this place, being led and trying to lead as best she could, and above all else, learning. Nevaeh had learned a lot, both academically (obviously) and... more
    • May the next be less awkward — Nathan, Wed Jan 2 10:45
      • Fingers crossedNevaeh (and Scout), Wed Jan 2 20:10
        Scout was a good boy. He helped his human navigate her very different world, and he was quiet and well-behaved. He took his responsibilities very seriously and was only playful when it was... more
        • Re: Fingers crossedNathan, Thu Jan 3 13:29
          Nathan was surprised. He probably shouldn’t have been, having known Nevaeh as long as he had, but he was still a little surprised that she actually voiced her concerns and doubts instead of keeping... more
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