Nevaeh (and Scout)
Fingers crossed
Wed Jan 2, 2019 20:10

Scout was a good boy. He helped his human navigate her very different world, and he was quiet and well-behaved. He took his responsibilities very seriously and was only playful when it was appropriate, like when she took off the harness or at least let go. Nevaeh did not let go too often, but when she did, he stayed near or nuzzled one of her human friends or did other good boy things. Of her human friends, Scout liked the one called Raine the most. She was very soft.

But this big man - the Nathan - was also good. Nevaeh liked him. Scout could tell because she didn’t hold on to the harness as tight. Her fingers slid on and off casually. She let the Nathan lead her. She trusted him. Nathan was good people.

And Nevaeh did like Nathan. She followed him fairly closely, listening intently and happily as he described all that they passed. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. The Aladren stiffened, however, at his proposal for the upcoming year, her fingers tightening on Scout’s harness. A lot of what he suggested, she just wasn’t sure about. The baby and Isis were not necessarily something she thought she wanted to deal with if it could be avoided.

Fortunately, the pause was not too long and awkward before he stopped walking in front of her submission. Nevaeh felt the charmed raised Braille of the ribbon. “Second place,” she commented. “Not too bad.” But then the pause came back, and she knew she needed to say something about his suggestion. She frowned slightly. “I’m sure I’ll want to meet up some next year to talk herbology,” she admitted, “but the rest of that… I don’t really know. It’s all very… I don’t know. It’s weird. I know things are really different now than they were then, but her having a baby is just…. I mean, she didn’t…. When I was….” Nevaeh sighed, frustrated by her inability to put it in words. “I don’t know. It just bothers me, I guess.”

  • May the next be less awkwardNathan, Wed Jan 2 10:45
    “Absolutely,” he promised, glad that he’d already picked out where Nevaeh’s entry was in preparation of showing it off to Isis later. “We’re standing next to the a Beginner’s planters, now,” he told... more
    • Fingers crossed — Nevaeh (and Scout), Wed Jan 2 20:10
      • Re: Fingers crossedNathan, Thu Jan 3 13:29
        Nathan was surprised. He probably shouldn’t have been, having known Nevaeh as long as he had, but he was still a little surprised that she actually voiced her concerns and doubts instead of keeping... more
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