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"That's really cool. Congratulations." Ivy smiled at Cleo. She knew that the Crotalus had to have had kind of a hard year, what with being outed as a veela and all. She could not begin to imagine how humiliating that was. Or what it would be like to feel like you were undeniably different than anyone else in the entire school. As rough as Muggleborns might have it, there were other Muggleborns at Sonora whereas Cleo was the only person who was partially another species .

And being part veela in particular had to be hard. On the surface it might sound nice, to have lots of people find you attractive-which was hardly the be all end all of things in general-but on the other hand, how did you ever know if they liked you for yourself or because you had accidentally used your powers on them? Plus, others might resent the fact that everyone was attracted to you rather than them.

"Yes, I made a container garden too. I got a blue ribbon for Best Mixture for it." Ivy paused. "I suppose that's because I had a lot of different types of plants maybe? And I also attempted to grow a Chinese Chomping Cabbage but that didn't turn out as well. I got an Honorable Mention." She had probably overextended herself just a bit with the Cabbage.

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    "Oh, hi Ivy," Cleo greeted the other girl. She had often noted Ivy's name when it came up in roll call, especially during herbology where it seemed kind of funny, like Professor Xavier had switched... more
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