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Thu Jan 3, 2019 13:29

Nathan was surprised. He probably shouldnít have been, having known Nevaeh as long as he had, but he was still a little surprised that she actually voiced her concerns and doubts instead of keeping them inside as was Isisís habit. Isis and Nevaeh might share blood, but they really werenít very much alike. He knew that. So why was he surprised?

Maybe it was just that heíd seen a lot more of Isis lately, and a bit less of Nevaeh. Maybe it was because he was trying too hard to imagine what his own daughter might be like by extrapolating what his own and Isisís personalities would be like combined together.

Maybe it was that he had been somewhat fearing that bringing up Isis would make Nevaeh walk away from him instead of confide in him.

ďItís awkward,Ē he agreed. ďIf all you want from me is to be a herbology mentor, I can do that.Ē He hoped his tone of voice suggested he would be okay with that but that it wasnít his first choice.

ďBut I did marry you biological mother,Ē he said. ďI know you two donít get along as well as either of you might hope, and I certainly donít want to try to fill a position that is rightly Mr. Reedís. That said, I would like you to be part of my family now, and I think my little girl would be amazingly lucky to have you as a big sister. But I wonít pressure you into anything that you donít want too. If you want us to remain student and professor, I can maintain that distance. And itís not a one time offer. You donít need to decide now. Or if you do decide you donít need a bigger family right now, you are always welcome to change your mind later. I would like to introduce you to Theodora at least once though, if thatís okay? I am going to be a proud first time daddy. If it helps, just think of her as mine instead of Isisís.Ē

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    Scout was a good boy. He helped his human navigate her very different world, and he was quiet and well-behaved. He took his responsibilities very seriously and was only playful when it was... more
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