Sat Jan 5, 2019 00:27

“That’s probably where they… weave in and out of poles,” Georgia replied, beginning the sentence before realising that she had no better words to describe it than Juniper had already used and which she guessed her roommate had figured from the name, “Er, like… agility skills.” Georgia had watched plenty of agility shows on tv over the years - partly because it was the next best thing to actually having a puppy, but also because she just enjoyed staring at the pretty moving wallpaper. The TV had been a fairly consistent fixture of her childhood.

“I didn’t enter anything,” Georgia assured her. There wasn’t anything she really considered herself competition level for, or that she wanted to put that degree of effort into. “Animals sounds like a good first stop. And I’ll keep my eyes open on the way there for what I’d like to do after. I’ve not really been to something like this before.”

She followed her roommate towards the animal tent, at the end of which was a paddock where some of the bigger animals were being kept. She had seen horses in real life a few times, when they’d gone on like… little farm and petting zoo trips. She remembered them as being big, but figured that was cos she had been small. And it had only been a handful of times. Hers was a pretty indoor, city-type family. Her mom was more a fan of coffee shops than anything involving getting muddy boots.

“Horses are big in real life,” she stated, stopping in her tracks. Okay, they’d had unicorns in Care of Magical Creatures, which were a similar size, but they were somehow slender and… well, they seemed kinda aloof, and they had watched them for distance. The horses were sticking their big faces over the fence and nuzzling at people or eating treats from them. And even though she had grown, they still seemed intimidatingly large. Perhaps because the petting zoos had only had little ponies, in scale with their visitors. She watched a horse snuffle a piece of carrot off someone’s hand. “And their teeth are huge! Do they ever bite you?” she asked anxiously.

  • Yup....and horsies?Juniper, Fri Jan 4 06:53
    Juniper actually found herself smiling at her roommate. "Sure, I would love to." Georgia was, after all, a person she was less scared of than anyone else other than of course, Finn and Tasha whom she ... more
    • Maaaaybe? — Georgia, Sat Jan 5 00:27
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