Let’s find the scariest ones
Sat Jan 5, 2019 01:40

Lily grinned. “I saved you a spot, but if you’d taken too long... Luckily you found me first,” she replied with a wink. “What’s going on here?” she asked, touching his hair briefly. “Have they got a hair dye booth? I saw a booth for temporary tattoos, we should get one later.” Purple did not go well with his outfit, but she didn’t bother to say anything about it. Off of Jozua’s head, purple was one of her favourite colours. “Blimey, it’s all over you,” she gasped, looking at his arms. “What did you eat? Need to get myself one of those. What colour d’you think would look good on me?” She combed her fringe into her eyes with her fingers, and then tossed her head, grinning.

Lily was thankful to have a best friend that she’d grown up with. Her friends back in England were all good and well, but it was difficult to explain to them her fanciful make-believe days fighting dragons as a knight. There were very few people she felt she could be her true self around, and Jozua was certainly one of them.

The queue moved forward. “Have you seen the yearbook yet? You were voted ‘Most Involved’. Not a bad award to get.” They moved closer to the ride’s entrance and her stomach suddenly felt like it was twisting into a knot. Lily looked up at the ride. It was so high she had to tilt her neck all the way back to see the top. “I think I’m getting nervous,” she admitted, putting a hand to her stomach. “How were the creatures? Smelly?” But her nerves were beginning to get to her and she didn’t exactly hear if he said anything in response.

Soon it was their turn and Lily stepped forward and allowed herself to be strapped in. “Ready?” she asked, feeling a bit lightheaded from her short breaths. “For Merlin’s sakes, I’m hardly ever afraid of anything, I don’t know why I feel nervous about this. But I’m excited. My heart’s beating so fast.” Her words were coming out in a quicker stream as well. As the ride began its ascent, her stomach dropped. “I won’t close my eyes,” she breathed as she stared at her dangling feet, unable to figure out whether she was more terrified or more thrilled.

  • We’re here to enjoy some rides not get maudlinJozua Sparks, Thu Jan 3 11:08
    Jozua dressed in trousers and a short sleeved shirt for the fair, figuring robes would just get in the way on rides and in the crowds, and who knew what they might get dragged through. Best to just... more
    • Let’s find the scariest ones — Lily, Sat Jan 5 01:40
      • Works for meJozua, Fri Jan 11 20:20
        Jozua felt a little tingly as Lily touched his hair, though he really wasn't sure if the light flush warming his cheeks was from that or just the simple embarrassment of having electric purple hair.... more
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