Headmaster Brockert
Opening Feast
Fri Jan 11, 2019 14:40

Another year was upon them and once everyone seemed to be in attendance, Mortimer placed a Sonorus charm on himself and began to speak. "Welcome to Sonora for the new first years and welcome back for all older students. First years, you should have receieved a blank badge at the end of Orientation." At least they hadn't gotten it when they first got there, some were liable to lose it. "You will dunk the badge in the Sorting Potion and it will turn the color representing your house which are blue for Aladren, yellow for Teppenpaw, red for Crotalus, and brown for Pecari. Afterwards, you may join your house table."

After the first years had been settled, Mortimer continued."Would Finbar Scott and Zevalyn Ives please come up and get your Head Student badges?" At least that awful Spencer girl hadn't won. He knew that as she was a pureblood, he was supposed to want her to win but the fact that she offended his granddaughter at some point made her a less than desirable candidate. Not to mention that she was Pecari and Mortimer thought very little of their abilities in positions of power and responsibility. His own son would have made a terrible Head Boy, it was bad enough he had been Quidditch Captain in his time seeing as Eustace was exactly the type to let things go to his head and had, from what Mortimer gathered, been a little tyrant in his days at the job. Which as he understood, was how Pecaris tended to get over such an unimportant thing.

Plus, Miss Ives had overcome starting school two years late to catch up to her classmates so she'd likely do a perfectly adequate job.

"In addition I'd like to call up Amelia Layne, Eden Manger, Cleo James,and Brett Newell to receive their prefect badges. Congratulations." Miss Layne had had to be given the honor because there were no Aladrens in the current fifth year and this had been the best option for settling that matter.

"I would like to introduce Timothy Kinsell as our new Quidditch Coach."

"This year's Midsummer Event will be the Concert. Each house will be putting on performances that embody their own house qualities. Prefects will lead these groups and must meet with the interested members of their house and submit a plan to their Head of House by midterm."

"Now we will sing the school song." Or they would, rather. Lyric sheets were passed around and the song began.

Every day we strive
Learning to survive
Life’s hardships and to solve its mystery.
Learning to defend
Our honour and our friends,
Flying high to meet our destiny
We will stand and face those who want to harm us.
We won’t let the world transfigure, jinx or charm us
I won’t fight alone, as long as you are with me.
Sonora be my home, my tutor and my spirit
Vasita quoque floeat; Even the desert blooms.

That done, he dug into his steak and bourbon.

OOC: Welcome to Sonora. All new first years are now welcome to post in this thread. To make things easier to find, we have grouped threads by the house table they are happening at. You can start a new conversation by posting directly under the house name post, or reply to someone who is already there. Enjoy.

    • Staff Table Threads (nm)Admin, Fri Jan 11 23:23
      • More than readyIsis Carter-Xavier, Sun Jan 13 13:16
        Isis had never been so thrilled to attend an Opening Feast. Usually they were pretty boring, even for the staff, but this year, she was more than ready to go sit by her coworkers and listen to one of ... more
        • Quite un-readyMary Brooding, Sun Jan 13 17:37
          Summer had been exhausting of course, but also exciting and wonderful and perfect. She and Tabitha had spent most of it abroad, not least of all because they hadn't either really established a local... more
    • Aladren Table Threads (nm)Admin, Fri Jan 11 23:23
      • On time, and other mini-rebellionsJehan Callahan, Sun Jan 13 15:58
        Another opening feast meant another summer gone, another time at home endured, and another year older. Jehan felt that these were all equally valid ways of measuring the passage of time, a passage... more
        • Sometimes The Powers That Be have a pointHeinrich Hexenmeister, Tue Jan 15 12:50
          Heinrich arrived to the feast early to ensure a good seat for observing the first years. His sister Hilda would be getting sorted tonight and he wanted to be able to see where she went. He did not... more
      • A little blue, a little green.Florence Newell, Sun Jan 13 12:03
        It was still strange, being only two. As one of four children (five if you included Makenzie; their cousin had only lived with them a year, but they had always been close), Florence found it odd when ... more
      • Shiny New BadgeZevalyn Ives, Fri Jan 11 23:29
        Zevalyn had been awarded Aladren Prefect through the simple expediency of being the only Aladren in her year. She had briefly shared a room with Madeleine Dautin the first year she had been at... more
        • New badges, new studentsChristabel Davidson, Wed Jan 16 15:32
          Christabel watched the new Head Girl return to her seat, delighted to find out that Zevalyn was from her own house. As if it wasn't exciting enough to finally arrive at Sonora, she'd already found... more
          • Welcome to Sonora!Zevalyn, Thu Jan 17 08:34
            As Zevalyn sat down at the Aladren table, she glanced over at Teppenpaw to share a long distance smile with Kir (who she had definitely heard cheer earlier) and Georgia, her two favorite people at... more
            • Re: Welcome to Sonora!Christabel Davidson, Sun Jan 20 15:45
              "Oh! Um, hi," said Christabel, wanting to slide right under her seat and hide forever after being caught staring. She took a deep breath and tried to carry on; she was supposed to make friends with... more
              • Great! You'll do fine.Zevalyn, Sun Jan 20 21:10
                "Nice to meet you, Christabel," she said, after the younger student introduced herself, deciding to start with the easy quick and part. Then she continued, addressing the concerns that had been... more
                • Re: Great! You'll do fine.Christabel Davidson, Wed Jan 23 16:13
                  Christabel was relieved to be able to talk about something she was certain about. "I'm really excited for Care of Magical Creatures," she said. "I can't have magical pets at home because my dad and I ... more
    • Crotalus Table Threads (nm)Admin, Fri Jan 11 23:23
      • An advanced student nowWinston Pierce, Thu Jan 17 09:48
        Winston was eager for new school year. The Pecari had graduated, leaving only The Aladren to give him problems in Quidditch and she (he was pretty sure she was a she) had almost no shot at being... more
      • Making connectionsJeremy Mordue, Thu Jan 17 06:40
        Jeremy had, he thought, made a pretty decent job of orientation. He had already made A Connection. Felipe De Matteo. Who was an heir. And gracious and polite, and just the sort of person Nathaniel... more
        • Connections are certainly beneficialJulius Astley, Thu Jan 17 18:55
          Julius didn't hold so much hostility towards being at Sonora as he had done the previous year. He didn't frown or glare at anybody as he walked into Cascade Hall and took a seat at the Crotalus table ... more
          • They are indeedJeremy Mordue, Fri Jan 18 07:05
            “Very pleased to meet you,” Jeremy grinned, with something approaching genuine enthusiasm when Julius Astley said it was nice to meet him and held out his hand. Yes! Jeremy shook it, wondering... more
            • You are lucky to make a connection with me.Julius Astley, Fri Jan 18 20:17
              "Welcome to Crotalus," Julius added finally before releasing his firm grip on Jeremy's hand and returning to his dinner. Based on first impressions alone, Jeremy seemed suitable to socialise with... more
              • Indeed soJeremy Mordue, Sun Jan 20 00:25
                “Thank you,” Jeremy smiled, when Julius welcomed him to Crotalus. “It’s the house I was hoping for. I felt pretty sure I’d get it too,” he added. He decided not to point out that it was practically a ... more
                • Let's hope it lasts.Julius Astley, Wed Jan 23 18:55
                  Julius reached for the jug of pumpkin juice that stood on the table just in front of him and filled his goblet and offered to fill Jeremy's before placing it back on the table. He quite liked the... more
      • And so it begins.Martin Crosby V, Sun Jan 13 12:44
        Sonora Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry was, Martin decided upon completing his Orientation and tour, adequate. It was a stellar review from the generally apathetic young boy, and one worthy of... more
        • Paralysis at the starting line.Jessica Hayles, Mon Jan 14 21:33
          The afternoon had seemed like it would never end, and by the time they were done with the meet-and-greet and the tour, all Jessica wanted to do was go crawl in bed and hide from the world, rest and... more
      • Cleo had had a fun summer. An interesting one too. She had made a friend back home. After the fun of the magical state fair, she had encouraged her daddy to see if there was anything similar going on ... more
        • I hope not. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 13 02:14
          Felipe was sorted into a decent house, it seemed, and he took a seat proudly at his new table. With an older student based him, he felt rather pleased with himself, and also rather small. Both of... more
          • "Maybe later," Cleo mumbled, when the new boy suggested and selected shrimp. She did not really like fishy things, and shrimp looked little and wriggly and you could almost imagine them swimming... more
            • Americans introduce themselves so strangely.Felipe de Matteo, Fri Jan 18 14:40
              Felipe raised an eyebrow at Cleo's introduction, and pursed his lips in thought. Except that he did none of that on the outside. Maintaining the stoic expression that his father favored for business... more
              • Cleo blinked for a fraction of a second longer than was normal when a hand was held out to her, though quickly shook it because she knew that there was really no other choice. She appeared more... more
                • Proper ones of course. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 27 23:46
                  Felipe didn't consider Cleo's pause particularly strange, as he was more than used to people taking each social action only after deliberate thought. He would have almost thought it stranger had she... more
    • Pecari Table Threads (nm)Admin, Fri Jan 11 23:22
      • Back to the grind.Luke Powell, Tue Jan 15 18:17
        Luke was glad that his CATS were over and he didn’t have to take his least favourite subjects anymore, but even though he didn’t have exams at the end of his sixth year, he wasn’t foolish enough to... more
        • Gotta love this student lifeIsaac Song, Fri Jan 18 02:55
          This year Isaac was seriously thinking about joining the Quidditch team. After a good four weeks of sports camp at the end of summer, his muscles ached to be worked during the rest of the year. He'd... more
          • It could definitely be worse.Luke, Sat Jan 19 19:03
            “Here,” Luke moved the salmon closer to Isaac so that he could help himself, before putting some vegetables on his own plate to complete his meal. “That sounds cool,” Luke remarked in response to... more
            • True. Quidditch could be canceledIsaac, Wed Jan 23 17:41
              "Thanks," Isaac replied as Luke moved the salmon closer to him. It smelled so good. He couldn't wait to dig into it. He noticed Luke putting some veggies on his plate and thought that would be a good ... more
      • So much to do, so much to see.Beatriz Couthon, Fri Jan 11 23:28
        Cascade Hall was incredible, it’s name explained by the waterfalls rushing down the walls. Beatriz wanted to touch it but she knew that was something that would have to wait. There were a lot of... more
        • Nein. Nein nein nein nein nein!Hilda Hexenmeister, Sat Jan 12 21:57
          Hilda had followed the tour around the school, but hadn't gotten much out of it other than what her eyes told her. That had been a fair amount though. Libraries were pretty self-explanatory, and so... more
          • That's not a very positive attitude.Beatriz, Tue Jan 15 17:42
            Beatriz was surprised when, instead of passing the salad, the girl she had spoken to presented a bunch of cards. She didn’t speak English? Beatriz couldn’t quite get her head around this. Why was... more
            • OOC: That's fine. BIC: Hilda smiled, perking up a little, when her roommate thanked her in German, without consulting a card. That was very very promising, though no further words in her native... more
              • That's all I can ask for.Beatriz, Sat Jan 19 19:16
                Any disappointment at the fact that her roommate did not speak English was forgotten the moment Beatriz found out that Hilda played Quidditch. Her whole face lit up. Now she could really envisage... more
                • Then we should get alongHilda, Sat Jan 19 22:10
                  Between the excited nodding and the fairly short sentence that included all words Hilda actually knew, she gathered, in spite of the English, that her new roommate was a Chaser who did indeed play... more
      • Bittersweet to be backEvelyn Stones, Fri Jan 11 23:25
        Evelyn spent most of her initial time at Sonora with her neck stretched as far as possible to see over and through the sea of green robes. She was still small, made even more obvious by the fact that ... more
        • Is it okay to sleep on the table?Malikhi Hill, Wed Jan 23 18:43
          Malikhi's feelings about being at Sonora differed massively to what they had been the year previous. As a small first year, he had been filled with excitement, wonderment and a curious energy that... more
          • "Okay" is relative, but sure. Evelyn Stones, Wed Jan 23 20:38
            Malikhi now was not the Malikhi she knew, and it made Evelyn feel sick. In a rush of emotions, she thought of all the happiness she had to share with him and all the grief she didn't know how to... more
            • Great, 'scuse me while I snooze.Malikhi Hill, Thu Jan 24 12:54
              Evelyn's hand on his shoulder felt warm, even through his robes and the weight of it was a comfort to the tired boy. His free left hand moved to cross his body and rested on top of it, clasping her... more
              • Snooze away, my friend. Evelyn Stones, Mon Jan 28 00:12
                Malikhi almost became himself again and Evelyn offered him a glowing smile, hoping to reinforce his happiness. "You're sweet," she said, surprised by how much it meant to her. She was all sorts of... more
    • Teppenpaw Table Threads (nm)Admin, Fri Jan 11 23:22
      • Change is inevitable [tag: Finn]Gwen Fintoc, Sun Jan 20 01:05
        Gwen was facing several changes going into her sixth year of Sonora, some good and some perhaps less so. Daniel had graduated and she was now the only Fintoc left at the school. It was a strange... more
      • *sighs*Bridget Ferguson, Fri Jan 18 14:13
        Although the Cascade Hall was bright and festive and full of the chatter of teenagers, to Bridget everything felt muted. Her mind was elsewhere and she only had the dimmest awareness of what was... more
      • Here we go again!Vladimir Brockert, Sun Jan 13 12:27
        Summer had been an adventure. He’d gotten to go over to Dorian’s house for a while, which was super exciting because Vlad absolutely loved going to other countries. America and even Russia had gotten ... more
        • Yup. Round and round.Dorian, Sat Jan 19 07:50
          After his rather intense conversation with Professor Brooding, Dorian had headed up to the Teppenpaw Common Room. He had been relieved to find that Vlad was out, as the two things he needed most were ... more
      • That's my girlfriend! Kir McLeod, Sun Jan 13 01:43
        Kir sat at the Teppenpaw table, keeping his fingers (their nails painted a shimmering blue with black ombre effect) very firmly crossed. Which was utterly ridiculous and superstitious seeing as the... more
      • Friendly and co-operative!Zara Jackson, Fri Jan 11 23:30
        Excitement and nervousness were surprisingly similar feelings. Or rather, they tended to happen rather a lot together. At least, they both summed up Zara’s feelings about school so far. She did not... more
        • Auf WiedersehenJohana Leonie Zauberhexen, Sat Jan 12 16:59
          OOC-- I don't speak German well IRL so please forgive any grammar errors. IC- Johana Leonie was sad to learn that she and Hilda would being different houses, although the prospect of finding others... more
          • That's a funny way of saying 'hello'Zara, Sat Jan 12 20:56
            The first two words her new roommate spoke were enough to notify Zara to the fact that she was not American, even though those two words were ‘hello’ and Zara’s own name repeated back to her for... more
            • Genau!Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen, Sun Jan 13 01:43
              "Ja!" Johana Leonie said when her new roommate pronounced her name sort of almost right. She'd gotten the J right at least, and that was pretty surprising in its own way. Then she said a bunch of... more
              • Uh...maybe?Zara, Mon Jan 14 06:24
                "Potions," Zara supplied, when Johana-Leonie did a clear mime of stirring a cauldron. "It's ok," she assured her, when the other girl apologised. She didn't understand any of the rest of the words... more
                • Du bist nett.Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Jan 14 17:33
                  Johana Leonie wasn't sure if everyone in the world was this patient, but she was amazed at her luck so far. Between Hilda and now Zara, Johana Leonie couldn't imagine having gotten any more fortunate ... more
                  • I'm not what?Zara, Mon Jan 14 19:52
                    "Yes," Zara confirmed, when Johana-Leonie asked if she understood. "That's cool," she smiled, slipping into the more colloquial way of talking because it was just such a habitual response. Zara found ... more
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