Beatriz Couthon
So much to do, so much to see.
Fri Jan 11, 2019 23:28

Cascade Hall was incredible, it’s name explained by the waterfalls rushing down the walls. Beatriz wanted to touch it but she knew that was something that would have to wait. There were a lot of things that had piqued her curiosity as she had toured the school amongst her classmates so she was constantly adding to her mental list of things to explore.

She felt a little nervous as she stood in front of all the older students and staff members but her excitement spared her from worrying about this too much. When instructed, she dipped her new badge into the Sorting Potion with anticipation. She had a good idea where she would like to be sorted given the information she knew about the four houses, but it was out of her hands.

Brown! Beatriz grinned as the badge turned brown. She didn’t hang about and promptly went to take her seat at the Pecari table - her new home for the next seven years. She hoped she would fit in well with these like-minded students. She watched the rest of her fellow first years get sorted, noting that Zara (who she had met earlier) did not join her at the Pecari table. She did, however, scrutinize the three other students whose badges turned brown, wondering if any of them would become good friends with her in the future. Who she made friends with was, of course, not limited by house, nor was it limited by year but she did hope she’d be good friends with the two girls who’d be sharing her dormitory.

The petite redhead only half-listened as the headmaster spoke, once her classmates had all been sorted. She didn’t know any of the students who went up to collect badges, although she did recognize a few of their surnames. It was hard not to be distracted by her surroundings, all so new and intriguing. She did, however, perk up when she heard the Quidditch Coach announced. That was something she really needed to know. Timothy Kinsell had been a well-known Quidditch commentator several years ago and she knew he had somehow been connected with her grandfather’s company before that so he quite quickly resolved that he would be good enough for her. Of course, she had yet to see him actually coach but she had high expectations - she at least knew that he knew the sport inside out.

Beatriz wasn’t quite sure how she felt about the idea of participating in the midsummer concert but it was probably a good idea to get involved in things, if only to meet more people, although she wasn’t quite sure what skills she had to offer.

She sang along with everyone else as they sung the school song, although not too loudly as she didn’t fancy herself much of a singer, and was glad when it was over. Thankfully was finally time to eat - she hadn’t had much of the snacks at orientation, wanting to save herself for the feast. There was such a range of dishes to choose from that Beatriz felt spoilt for choice so she didn’t dive in immediately, eyeing up her options and trying to decide what she wanted.

The new Pecari was aware that she should probably try and make a good impression and select for herself a refined three course meal.. Yet at the same time she was away from home and no one here was going to tell her what she should and shouldn’t do, and Beatriz being who Beatriz was she couldn’t exactly not take advantage of that. So with that battle quickly won in her mind, the eleven-year-old helped herself to a steak and fries.

She grinned at her plate and then, with slight reluctance, turned to her neighbour. “Would you mind passing the salad, please?” She supposed she ought to make some effort to be healthy - for Quidditch at the very least. “I’m Beatriz Couthon, by the way,” she added with a friendly smile.

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    • So much to do, so much to see. — Beatriz Couthon, Fri Jan 11 23:28
      • Nein. Nein nein nein nein nein!Hilda Hexenmeister, Sat Jan 12 21:57
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        • That's not a very positive attitude.Beatriz, Tue Jan 15 17:42
          Beatriz was surprised when, instead of passing the salad, the girl she had spoken to presented a bunch of cards. She didn’t speak English? Beatriz couldn’t quite get her head around this. Why was... more
          • OOC: That's fine. BIC: Hilda smiled, perking up a little, when her roommate thanked her in German, without consulting a card. That was very very promising, though no further words in her native... more
            • That's all I can ask for.Beatriz, Sat Jan 19 19:16
              Any disappointment at the fact that her roommate did not speak English was forgotten the moment Beatriz found out that Hilda played Quidditch. Her whole face lit up. Now she could really envisage... more
              • Then we should get alongHilda, Sat Jan 19 22:10
                Between the excited nodding and the fairly short sentence that included all words Hilda actually knew, she gathered, in spite of the English, that her new roommate was a Chaser who did indeed play... more
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