Cleo James
Wait, this responsibility involves responsibilities?
Sat Jan 12, 2019 07:12

Cleo had had a fun summer. An interesting one too. She had made a friend back home. After the fun of the magical state fair, she had encouraged her daddy to see if there was anything similar going on in their area, and they had attended a small magical county show. They’d been talking about their hometown, and someone had overheard them and it turned out her family lived in the next town over and even though distance didn’t really matter so much when you were magical, it had given them enough shared ground, a few landmarks in common, and enough reason to strike up a conversation. Anna’s dad had been helping with the judging for one of the categories, so she’d been going around the fair alone (something which struck Cleo as terribly grown up) and had been glad of the company.

Now though, it was back to school - something which was suddenly full of positives too. She had her gardening club, she felt she could say she had friends - plural, and there was the prospect of spending more time with a particular boy. The time she had spent with Isaac last year hadn’t exactly gone to plan but he was so nice about everything. And cute too. Unfortunately, she couldn’t sit with him for the feast, or with Parker. Half of her was tempted to flout the rule but the Crotalus in her said that rules were there to be followed. Plus she’d then have to choose which of the two boys to go and sit with, and that sounded complicated.

After the first years had got sorted, she was very, very glad she had sat at her own house table, because she found herself being called up to collect a prefect badge. She would have looked rather ridiculous standing up from Pecari table to do that. She took it, glancing across and trying to catch Isaac’s eye. He had asked her last year whether she was expecting to get prefect and her answer had been a very definite no. She didn’t think the school would give it to someone like her. Her - half veela, not even the same species as the rest of them, versus a Pureblood boy. But they had! The staff thought she was organised and responsible, and whatever qualities it was the prefects were meant to have. She pinned the badge happily on her robes, smiling broadly.

Her jubilation lasted only a few moments, as - once they were back in their seats - the headmaster announced that the prefects would be organising the concert groups. What? Okay, just because the staff thought her capable of being organised and responsible, didn’t mean she actually wanted to have to demonstrate responsible organisation skills! She’d never seen any of the previous prefects having this forced on them. It was so unfair. She wondered, briefly, whether they had given it to her… if not exactly out of spite but to spare Connor, because they knew this was going to be required. But then she remembered that he ran the orchestra and probably would have been well up for this. It was probably meant to be something that the kind of person who got prefect was meant to be interested in and have the skills to do. She was good at making flowers grow. That didn’t exactly sound riveting for a live audience - although actually, she thought there were some charms that could cause them to accelerate their growth or to bloom on command, and she was pretty ahead of her peers when they did plant transfigurations but really… it was not going to cut it, and nor was it reflective of the values of Crotalus house.

She mouthed and mumbled the school song, trying to look attentive and not too fussed about the prospect of the concert. This was much easier once the food appeared because that could get her interest a lot better than the school song had. Her conversation with Isaac last year had made her realise how safe she was in her food choices. She stuck to what was familiar, rarely going for anything she didn’t recognise, and could honestly say she was not sure what her own opinion on spicy food was. She sort of expected it to hurt and why would you eat something that could hurt you? She cast around, wondering whether there were any exciting forays she could make in terms of food adventures…

“What do you think looks good?” she asked her neighbour. “I reckon I’ll start with some macaroni and cheese,” she added hastily, before they could suggest anything too crazy. She heaped some of the safe, familiar food onto her plate, accompanying it with a couple of hotdogs and some peas. Spiciness seemed like something you should work your way up to.

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    • An advanced student nowWinston Pierce, Thu Jan 17 09:48
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            • Indeed soJeremy Mordue, Sun Jan 20 00:25
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    • Wait, this responsibility involves responsibilities? — Cleo James, Sat Jan 12 07:12
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        • "Maybe later," Cleo mumbled, when the new boy suggested and selected shrimp. She did not really like fishy things, and shrimp looked little and wriggly and you could almost imagine them swimming... more
          • Americans introduce themselves so strangely.Felipe de Matteo, Fri Jan 18 14:40
            Felipe raised an eyebrow at Cleo's introduction, and pursed his lips in thought. Except that he did none of that on the outside. Maintaining the stoic expression that his father favored for business... more
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                Felipe didn't consider Cleo's pause particularly strange, as he was more than used to people taking each social action only after deliberate thought. He would have almost thought it stranger had she... more
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