Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen
Sun Jan 13, 2019 01:43

"Ja!" Johana Leonie said when her new roommate pronounced her name sort of almost right. She'd gotten the J right at least, and that was pretty surprising in its own way. Then she said a bunch of other words and she was glad to know some of them. She didn't know where Boston was, but she'd heard "I'm from . . . " sentences before from patients, so she was pretty sure she understood it. She thought USA was familiar too and nodded along. The most important thing though was Zara's question, and that was one she'd been hearing a lot over the past few months.

"Ja," she said eagerly. "Yes! Oder...." she hesitated with a grimace, using the German filler word as she considered her options. There wasn't really much she could say, although she'd been doing her best to learn what she could from patients. "Tränke?" she asked, mimicking the stirring of a potion in a cauldron. "I like Tränke." She grimaced again, apologetically. "I made sorry... Es tut mir leid."

Settling into a bite of food with a thoughtful expression, she considered for a moment. "You liking school?" she asked, raising her voice into a question and hoping it was good enough. "Are you excite did school?" she repeated, trying to copy Zara's question more closely.

  • That's a funny way of saying 'hello'Zara, Sat Jan 12 20:56
    The first two words her new roommate spoke were enough to notify Zara to the fact that she was not American, even though those two words were ‘hello’ and Zara’s own name repeated back to her for... more
    • Genau! — Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen, Sun Jan 13 01:43
      • Uh...maybe?Zara, Mon Jan 14 06:24
        "Potions," Zara supplied, when Johana-Leonie did a clear mime of stirring a cauldron. "It's ok," she assured her, when the other girl apologised. She didn't understand any of the rest of the words... more
        • Du bist nett.Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Jan 14 17:33
          Johana Leonie wasn't sure if everyone in the world was this patient, but she was amazed at her luck so far. Between Hilda and now Zara, Johana Leonie couldn't imagine having gotten any more fortunate ... more
          • I'm not what?Zara, Mon Jan 14 19:52
            "Yes," Zara confirmed, when Johana-Leonie asked if she understood. "That's cool," she smiled, slipping into the more colloquial way of talking because it was just such a habitual response. Zara found ... more
            • Nein, Nett!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Jan 14 21:31
              "Ja, coole," Johana Leonie laughed, using the borrowed form. "Making potions! Das ist das word! Making." She was satisfied that her description of her brother was appropriate when Zara offered that... more
              • .... neat? Zara, Wed Jan 16 07:48
                Zara grinned upon hearing Johana-Leonie utter the word "cool," or something very like it. If she had mastered that word already, they would be just fine. "At home," Zara replied, when Johana-Leonie... more
                • *smiley face* Nett!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Jan 17 16:30
                  Johana Leonie was fairly certain Zara was making some pretty snipped sentences and she wasn't sure if she was more grateful or embarrassed. She was proud of her German heritage and language, but it... more
                  • Nice?Zara, Fri Jan 18 06:52
                    “Nice,” Zara smiled, as Johana-Leonie explained that they made both Muggle and magical remedies. The word ‘medicine’ was similar enough that she assumed Johana-Leonie was saying it in English, just... more
                    • Ja! Du bist nett!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Fri Jan 18 14:28
                      Johana Leonie indulged in a small slump. She reached for a potato and dug into the little guy as Zara spoke and she considered her words carefully. There were bits and pieces she thought she... more
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