Florence Newell
A little blue, a little green.
Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:03

It was still strange, being only two. As one of four children (five if you included Makenzie; their cousin had only lived with them a year, but they had always been close), Florence found it odd when the Newells numbers were so low. It was the second year now since Dustin had graduated and since Ana had not joined them, so it was once again just her and Brett. But this year when they get off the wagons, he didn’t want to hang out until the Feast. He wanted to go find Eden, his…. Well, Flo wasn’t sure what they were, quite frankly. She had never heard them use words like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”, but they did spend a good deal of time together, and she had definitely caught a glimpse of their faces too close to not be touching when she rounded a corner.

It was no matter, she told herself. Time passed, and the Opening Feast rolled around. Much to her surprise, both Eden and Brett won Prefect. As did her friend Amelia, which was particularly unexpected since they were sixth years. The fifth year Aladren class was a bit barren, so she supposed it made sense, but she was definitely caught off guard. It took her a moment to start clapping for any of them, fighting through the slight paralysis of surprise. As she watched them receive their badges, Florence honestly felt a bit jealous. Now both of her roommates were Prefects and she wasn’t. Plus, if had seemed likely for any of the Newell siblings, she was the safest bet. Dustin was rude and Brett was immature and Ana, had she attended, was too sweet. Flo was practical and efficient, and very bright. And it hadn’t bothered her that much last year, but now to be the only one of her immediate group to not wear the title felt pretty lousy.

She waited out the speech (if it could be called such) and the song in the expectations of food, but when it actually appeared, she found that she wasn’t feeling particularly hungry. Still, Florence helped herself to a couple small portions of things just to stave off raising any alarms, if anyone even noticed. As she reached for a plate of mashed potatoes, her hand bumped someone else’s, and she reeled back immediately. “Sorry,” she half-mumbled. “You go ahead.”

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    • A little blue, a little green. — Florence Newell, Sun Jan 13 12:03
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