Isis Carter-Xavier
More than ready
Sun Jan 13, 2019 13:16

Isis had never been so thrilled to attend an Opening Feast. Usually they were pretty boring, even for the staff, but this year, she was more than ready to go sit by her coworkers and listen to one of the Headmaster’s terse little “speeches”. But it had nothing to do with a particular enthusiasm for the school year ahead. Mostly, it was just because she could finally escape.

Real motherhood was a 24/7 job. It wasn’t that she hadn’t expected it to be, but it was just so much. There were no breaks, no explaining to a crying three month old that now was an inopportune time to want fed because Isis was exhausted and her whole body ached and she hadn’t pumped in a little while. When the baby cried, she just had to immediately drop whatever it was she was doing and go toward the sound, even when every instinct screamed to run in the opposite direction.

The Opening Feast was, she was fairly certain, the first real amount of time away from the baby that she had gotten thus far, so she was more than appreciative for the reprieve, even if it meant singing along to an earworm of a school song. She’d take that noise in her brain over baby cries any time.

It was a bit odd to look across the Hall and feel an absence at the Aladren table, but she was glad to know that Nevaeh was out there bettering herself. Her first few weeks of college were going pretty well, from what she wrote. Not to Isis of course, but she wrote Nathan, and Isis took that as good enough. It was insane to think Nevaeh was old enough for college now, and the realization made Isis feel quite old herself. But having a new baby at home…. No, actually, that also just made her feel old.

But for now, she decided to just set that all aside and try to let herself enjoy this temporary state of independence. “Could you pass me that?” she asked a coworker, gesturing to the bowl of salad more easily within their reach than hers. Isis hadn’t had much appetite lately, but she figured maybe something easy like that she could manage.

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