Jehan Callahan
On time, and other mini-rebellions
Sun Jan 13, 2019 15:58

Another opening feast meant another summer gone, another time at home endured, and another year older. Jehan felt that these were all equally valid ways of measuring the passage of time, a passage which really was quite an odd concept if considered. Jehan was firmly on the side of the debate that argued time was not a linear concept, but instead stretched and expanded to fill different spaces in oneís existence. Why did dinnertime at home drag so, whilst afternoons hidden behind the bookshelves with Oliver would speed by? Time was definitely a mysterious force.

Nevertheless, time had now arranged itself so that Jehan was here, in Cascade Hall, a fourth year. Older and wiser and braver and all of those stereotypical things that were magically supposed to happen as you grew. He was also taller, which was no bad thing, although Jehan was never going to be a giant by any stretch of the imagination.

It was a strange feeling, being back in school uniform surrounded by expectations and rules. Jehan and his parents seemed to have reached the happy truce that came with largely ignoring the otherís existence. Provided Jehan attended most meals and repressed the unfortunate comments he was prone to making, his parents seemed quite happy to accept that he was spending the rest of the time in a respectable way. More frequent visits to see Dorian had helped, too. Jehanís parents had been relieved at the fact that Jehan was maintaining a friendship with a fellow pureblood and, perhaps somewhat stupidly, never bothered to check up on Jehanís purported visits to his friend. A lot of these visits were of course real Ė time spent with Dorian was always precious Ė but the coming and going was also sometimes used to hide trips to see Richard, Oliver, and all of Jehanís increasing circle of friends in Muggle New York.

However, now that he was at school again, such freedom was only to be dreamt of. Contact with Oliver had ceased for the next few months, and Jehan would have to be where he was expected to be. It wasnít all negative, as Jehan got to live with his friends again, but at the age of almost-fifteen freedom was a tantalising thing.

Jehan listened to the headmasterís speech, clapping for the prefects and new head students. The idea of a concert for the midterm event was exciting, and he was looking forward to seeing what was suggested. As happened every year, the school song was sung, and then they were released upon the feast that awaited. Really, it was all starting to get a bit repetitive.

ďDo you ever get the urge to rebel against the powers that be and eat dessert before the main course?Ē Jehan casually asked the person next to him as he reviewed the options laid before him on the table. Maybe casual things like that could liven life up, although he did spot a rather appealing ratatouille that was requesting he stick to the normal order of things.

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    • On time, and other mini-rebellions — Jehan Callahan, Sun Jan 13 15:58
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    • A little blue, a little green.Florence Newell, Sun Jan 13 12:03
      It was still strange, being only two. As one of four children (five if you included Makenzie; their cousin had only lived with them a year, but they had always been close), Florence found it odd when ... more
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          • Re: Welcome to Sonora!Christabel Davidson, Sun Jan 20 15:45
            "Oh! Um, hi," said Christabel, wanting to slide right under her seat and hide forever after being caught staring. She took a deep breath and tried to carry on; she was supposed to make friends with... more
            • Great! You'll do fine.Zevalyn, Sun Jan 20 21:10
              "Nice to meet you, Christabel," she said, after the younger student introduced herself, deciding to start with the easy quick and part. Then she continued, addressing the concerns that had been... more
              • Re: Great! You'll do fine.Christabel Davidson, Wed Jan 23 16:13
                Christabel was relieved to be able to talk about something she was certain about. "I'm really excited for Care of Magical Creatures," she said. "I can't have magical pets at home because my dad and I ... more
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