Mary Brooding
Quite un-ready
Sun Jan 13, 2019 17:37

Summer had been exhausting of course, but also exciting and wonderful and perfect. She and Tabitha had spent most of it abroad, not least of all because they hadn't either really established a local home outside of Sonora, and between meeting the Hawthornes and celebrating in proper high society fashion, and visiting with the few friends they had, there had hardly been time to simply enjoy their newfound engagement. This was, of course, on top of preliminary wedding planning that was taking place.

Mary knew they weren't the only ones to have experienced this. Professors Xavier and Carter had recently wed and had a baby, so she didn't doubt that their summer was even more hectic. She also was more than a bit curious about it all. Had they talked to Deputy Headmistress Skies before wedding? What were the protocols for them as professors and colleagues now? How did they plan to manage childcare?

None of these questions were Mary's business, particularly since she was not well-acquainted with either of the involved parties, but she was still a bit excited when Professor Carter (she prodded herself to call them by their first names, since she was supposed to be an adult and stuff) asked her to pass the salad. She'd made a point of sitting with someone other than Tabitha tonight, simply to avoid any more speculation than would otherwise be going around anyway, and to remained herself of what it felt like to be a professor, far more than just a woman and just a fiancee.

"Certainly," she replied to the exhausted new mother. "Nice to have a night off cooking, huh?" she laughed, thinking of the meals she and Tabitha had made together over the summer and how much more stressful that would be with a newborn. "I think that's my favorite part about the Opening Feast is just knowing I don't have to decide what I want for dinner that night." Mary offered a sly smile and a soft chuckle, well aware that this was a silly joke and not hardly a good point of conversation. "You're looking good, though! How was your summer?"

  • More than readyIsis Carter-Xavier, Sun Jan 13 13:16
    Isis had never been so thrilled to attend an Opening Feast. Usually they were pretty boring, even for the staff, but this year, she was more than ready to go sit by her coworkers and listen to one of ... more
    • Quite un-ready — Mary Brooding, Sun Jan 13 17:37
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