If anyone needs me, I'll be in my blanket fort
Mon Jan 14, 2019 23:02

"Maybe later," Cleo mumbled, when the new boy suggested and selected shrimp. She did not really like fishy things, and shrimp looked little and wriggly and you could almost imagine them swimming about in your belly, which was gross. And that was all without ever having seen them with the eyes on. If Cleo had ever seen that, it would have been enough to put her off for life.

"Thank you," she smiled, looking genuinely pleased and a bit surprised when he nodded to her badge, the reaction being more to do with having got it in the first place than than with his offer of congratulations. "Uh, yeah. It is," she added in agreement with his statement that it was an honour. She wasn't really sure what to say beyond that - that she was surprised by it, or that she wasn't sure she was up to the job seemed way too personal to share with someone she didn't know. She didn't really want to go super in depth on her feelings about it, or anything else, with a first year. Especially, she realised with a sinking feeling, because how she felt was all very tied up with what she was and he might not know. It had seemed like that was all done with last year when it had been announced to the whole school. She had sort of forgotten the part where there were going to be new people. How was the school handling that? Were they just announcing it at orientation, like it was part of the essential need to know info about school life - here's your class schedule, later you'll be sorted into one of four houses, watch out for the half-veela, especially if you end up in Crotalus? Cleo did not want to be a safety warning. But People Who Don't Know were sort of complicated too. She wished the stupid first year hadn't sat with her. Though that was probably not a very prefectly thing to think. She was bad at this already and she had only had her badge for five minutes.

"I'm Cleo. Cleo James," she added, watching his face for any sign of reaction.

  • I hope not. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 13 02:14
    Felipe was sorted into a decent house, it seemed, and he took a seat proudly at his new table. With an older student based him, he felt rather pleased with himself, and also rather small. Both of... more
    • If anyone needs me, I'll be in my blanket fort — Cleo, Mon Jan 14 23:02
      • Americans introduce themselves so strangely.Felipe de Matteo, Fri Jan 18 14:40
        Felipe raised an eyebrow at Cleo's introduction, and pursed his lips in thought. Except that he did none of that on the outside. Maintaining the stoic expression that his father favored for business... more
        • Cleo blinked for a fraction of a second longer than was normal when a hand was held out to her, though quickly shook it because she knew that there was really no other choice. She appeared more... more
          • Proper ones of course. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 27 23:46
            Felipe didn't consider Cleo's pause particularly strange, as he was more than used to people taking each social action only after deliberate thought. He would have almost thought it stranger had she... more
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