You are right. It is not. But it's improving a little.
Tue Jan 15, 2019 20:07

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Hilda smiled, perking up a little, when her roommate thanked her in German, without consulting a card. That was very very promising, though no further words in her native tongue seemed forthcoming. The high ebbed slightly, but it was still nice that the other Pecari first year knew even one word. Heinrich had said he'd been starved of German during his first year, but this didn't look to be the case for Hilda. Even if the other girl just knew a few polite niceties, it would still be good to hear some of her native tongue in her new school home.

'It's nice to meet you' was one of the phrases Hilda could actually recognize in English, this being one of the ones people started with so she'd sort of had that one drilled in by repeated exposure over the past three or so years since she started learning English, even before she had been forcibly moved to Utah to live with her uncle. She still glanced at the card though to make sure she was remembering it correctly and not mixing it up with something else that sounded familiar or similar.

"And you," she said carefully in very rough and heavily accented English, again without using a card to help her. She was feeling pretty proud of herself actually.

She took a moment to add some food to her own plate, picking out some chicken that looked like it had an interesting glaze on it.

"Ja," she nodded, smiling in earnest as one of her favorite flashcards turned toward her. She had written the question about Quidditch out on a card with the expectation of turning it on her roommates. That her roommate had picked that one to direct at her first was a good sign that they at least had one thing in common. "Beater," she said the English word, pointing to herself; it was one of the few words outside of a standard meet and greet script that she knew without looking up. Most of the others were also Quidditch related.

Hilda was tall, and muscular, and she looked powerfully built, so this declaration of her preferred position was unlikely to come a surprise to anyone familiar with the sport. She, quite frankly, looked like a Beater.

She wanted to talk more about her excitement to get to play, to actually have someone older than six to play with (though Heinrich did play with her over the summer a little, so that was appreciated, but Heinrich was skinny and bookish and a terrible beater so they usually ended up tossing a Quaffle between them and Hilda was left to do her Beater drills by herself - she really missed Germany where she'd been able to play in Zauberstadt's children's league), but her lack of English got in the way, and flashcards wouldn't really cut it. She tried anyway and held up the one that said "Excited" on the English side. Then she turned the flashcard her roommate had used back the other way, to return the question.

  • That's not a very positive attitude.Beatriz, Tue Jan 15 17:42
    Beatriz was surprised when, instead of passing the salad, the girl she had spoken to presented a bunch of cards. She didnít speak English? Beatriz couldnít quite get her head around this. Why was... more
    • You are right. It is not. But it's improving a little. — Hilda, Tue Jan 15 20:07
      • That's all I can ask for.Beatriz, Sat Jan 19 19:16
        Any disappointment at the fact that her roommate did not speak English was forgotten the moment Beatriz found out that Hilda played Quidditch. Her whole face lit up. Now she could really envisage... more
        • Then we should get alongHilda, Sat Jan 19 22:10
          Between the excited nodding and the fairly short sentence that included all words Hilda actually knew, she gathered, in spite of the English, that her new roommate was a Chaser who did indeed play... more
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