Christabel Davidson
New badges, new students
Wed Jan 16, 2019 15:32

Christabel watched the new Head Girl return to her seat, delighted to find out that Zevalyn was from her own house. As if it wasn't exciting enough to finally arrive at Sonora, she'd already found out about another opportunity to do well here.

Christabel looked away quickly so as not to stare, but she couldn't help but take little peeks towards the Head Girl during the feast. Zevalyn looked so grown-up, and so pleased with her new position, that Christabel thought she could probably get away with being a little bit curious.

Just a little bit, though. The night before she'd made the journey here, her mother had warned her not to get too nosy too quickly. Mom had probably been right; it wouldn't be much fun here if she offended everyone by staring and poking her nose into everyone's business on the very first day she arrived.

Still, she couldn't help but sneak a few more looks at Zevalyn, and the other older, more confident students in the hall. Perhaps one day even Christabel Davidson might find her name announced and-

Well, perhaps it was too soon to think about things like that. She had to stay out of trouble for a good few years first, and that was going to be enough of a challenge in itself.

  • Shiny New BadgeZevalyn Ives, Fri Jan 11 23:29
    Zevalyn had been awarded Aladren Prefect through the simple expediency of being the only Aladren in her year. She had briefly shared a room with Madeleine Dautin the first year she had been at... more
    • New badges, new students — Christabel Davidson, Wed Jan 16 15:32
      • Welcome to Sonora!Zevalyn, Thu Jan 17 08:34
        As Zevalyn sat down at the Aladren table, she glanced over at Teppenpaw to share a long distance smile with Kir (who she had definitely heard cheer earlier) and Georgia, her two favorite people at... more
        • Re: Welcome to Sonora!Christabel Davidson, Sun Jan 20 15:45
          "Oh! Um, hi," said Christabel, wanting to slide right under her seat and hide forever after being caught staring. She took a deep breath and tried to carry on; she was supposed to make friends with... more
          • Great! You'll do fine.Zevalyn, Sun Jan 20 21:10
            "Nice to meet you, Christabel," she said, after the younger student introduced herself, deciding to start with the easy quick and part. Then she continued, addressing the concerns that had been... more
            • Re: Great! You'll do fine.Christabel Davidson, Wed Jan 23 16:13
              Christabel was relieved to be able to talk about something she was certain about. "I'm really excited for Care of Magical Creatures," she said. "I can't have magical pets at home because my dad and I ... more
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