Welcome to Sonora!
Thu Jan 17, 2019 08:34

As Zevalyn sat down at the Aladren table, she glanced over at Teppenpaw to share a long distance smile with Kir (who she had definitely heard cheer earlier) and Georgia, her two favorite people at the school. Pity she didn’t have many Aladren friends to sit with at feasts like this, but especially now that she was Head Girl, in addition to being an Aladren prefect, the idea of going to sit with her boyfriend or best friend was simply impossible.

So she stayed with her own house and smiled at the people she already knew and the new faces amongst them, looking so young and small. She’d be turning eighteen tomorrow and eleven felt like a lifetime ago. Even her own sorting felt a lifetime ago, and she’d been all but fourteen when that happened. She could hardly imagine coming here as an eleven year old. The actual first years had looked little even then.

Oh, the headmaster was talking about the concert. The concert had been her first midsummer event, and she felt a moment of nostalgia, but only a moment before two things broke it. First, was the memory of how crazy he first year at Sonora had been, trying to catch up academically while still trying to accept magic was a real thing she couldn’t deny any longer.

Second was the headmaster’s announcement that Houses, not clubs, were responsible for the performances this time. Which meant she was basically in charge of Aladren’s, being both Head Girl and the eldest of Aladren’s three prefects (even if Amelia was less young than most of the newly appointed perfects were).

The rest of the announcements and the song passed by with token attention and participation, but she was mostly mulling over what might be a good showcase for Aladren house. The food appeared, and Zevalyn absently filled her plate with some of her favorites: some turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes (also with gravy), Caesar salad, and a few apple slices.

She was a few bites into her salad when she noticed the nearby first year kept looking her way. Zevalyn smiled at her, hoping being bigger and older and badged wasn’t too intimidating to the new student. “Hi, I’m Zevalyn,” she greeted her. “Welcome to Sonora and Aladren. Did you enjoy the tour?”

  • New badges, new studentsChristabel Davidson, Wed Jan 16 15:32
    Christabel watched the new Head Girl return to her seat, delighted to find out that Zevalyn was from her own house. As if it wasn't exciting enough to finally arrive at Sonora, she'd already found... more
    • Welcome to Sonora! — Zevalyn, Thu Jan 17 08:34
      • Re: Welcome to Sonora!Christabel Davidson, Sun Jan 20 15:45
        "Oh! Um, hi," said Christabel, wanting to slide right under her seat and hide forever after being caught staring. She took a deep breath and tried to carry on; she was supposed to make friends with... more
        • Great! You'll do fine.Zevalyn, Sun Jan 20 21:10
          "Nice to meet you, Christabel," she said, after the younger student introduced herself, deciding to start with the easy quick and part. Then she continued, addressing the concerns that had been... more
          • Re: Great! You'll do fine.Christabel Davidson, Wed Jan 23 16:13
            Christabel was relieved to be able to talk about something she was certain about. "I'm really excited for Care of Magical Creatures," she said. "I can't have magical pets at home because my dad and I ... more
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