Julius Astley
Connections are certainly beneficial
Thu Jan 17, 2019 18:55

Julius didn't hold so much hostility towards being at Sonora as he had done the previous year. He didn't frown or glare at anybody as he walked into Cascade Hall and took a seat at the Crotalus table - he even gave a polite incline of the head to the students who formed the team behind the publication of The Aronos. There was still no smile, though. He wasn't that happy to be back. Somehow, leaving his sisters and his mother behind again this year had seemed harder than the year before. They had spent a lot of time in each other's company over the summer, when Julius wasn't attending his father's lessons on politics and economics. He already missed sitting in his favourite armchair in the Astley Manor library, listening to Aurelia play the piano while Aelia curled up into their mother's side.

He paid just enough attention to the Headmaster's speech to be aware of what was going on but he didn't care about who the Head Students and the prefects were and he wasn't in the slightest bit bothered about the new Quidditch Coach. The concert snagged his attention, however. Not because he wanted to be in it, certainly not, but it could certainly provide material to put in The Aronos. Julius made a mental note to bring it up at the next meeting - and it was perhaps worth putting up a new sign up sheet. If he could get more journalists on board, the more The Aronos could publish.

Like the year previous, he refused to sing the school song. There was just no way that his mouth was going to be used for any kind of vocal exercise other than talking - or shouting, if it came to it.

When the food appeared, Julius helped himself to a lamb steak and filled his plates with all sorts of delicious looking vegetables - carrots, peas, roasted sweet potatoes to name but a few. He might not hold any love for the school but he had to admit that the food was always rather delicious.

He was just about to take a bite of his dinner when the first year who had sat next to him introduced himself. Julius hadn't really paid attention to the boy or any of the other first years. If he had, he might have realised sooner that Jeremy was a relation of Nathaniel's - in fact, looking at him now, Julius guessed that they were brothers. The similarities between the two were rather remarkable. He set down his cutlery and offered his hand for Jeremy to shake. He worked with Nathaniel on The Aronos and had spoken with Sylvia Mordue before. To meet another Mordue would strengthen the connection between the Astley and Mordue families and that was important. Connections were always important.

"I'm Julius Astley of the Californian Astleys and the French Chasseloup de Laubats," he replied, feeling it necessary to point out that he wasn't just an Astley and that Jeremy Mordue was basically in the presence of royalty. Of course, if the boy knew anything about Pureblood families, this would already be common knowledge. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

  • Making connectionsJeremy Mordue, Thu Jan 17 06:40
    Jeremy had, he thought, made a pretty decent job of orientation. He had already made A Connection. Felipe De Matteo. Who was an heir. And gracious and polite, and just the sort of person Nathaniel... more
    • Connections are certainly beneficial — Julius Astley, Thu Jan 17 18:55
      • They are indeedJeremy Mordue, Fri Jan 18 07:05
        “Very pleased to meet you,” Jeremy grinned, with something approaching genuine enthusiasm when Julius Astley said it was nice to meet him and held out his hand. Yes! Jeremy shook it, wondering... more
        • You are lucky to make a connection with me.Julius Astley, Fri Jan 18 20:17
          "Welcome to Crotalus," Julius added finally before releasing his firm grip on Jeremy's hand and returning to his dinner. Based on first impressions alone, Jeremy seemed suitable to socialise with... more
          • Indeed soJeremy Mordue, Sun Jan 20 00:25
            “Thank you,” Jeremy smiled, when Julius welcomed him to Crotalus. “It’s the house I was hoping for. I felt pretty sure I’d get it too,” he added. He decided not to point out that it was practically a ... more
            • Let's hope it lasts.Julius Astley, Wed Jan 23 18:55
              Julius reached for the jug of pumpkin juice that stood on the table just in front of him and filled his goblet and offered to fill Jeremy's before placing it back on the table. He quite liked the... more
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