Isaac Song
Gotta love this student life
Fri Jan 18, 2019 02:55

This year Isaac was seriously thinking about joining the Quidditch team. After a good four weeks of sports camp at the end of summer, his muscles ached to be worked during the rest of the year. He'd forgotten how much he enjoyed working out and being part of a team. He was still pretty thin, but felt a lot stronger and tanner, not to mention he definitely had abs now. Not exactly a six-pack, but getting there.

This was also going to be the year of advanced classes. He could finally drop COMC and focus on the core classes he needed to start the process to becoming a healer. While in Korea, he had looked up the requirements to become a healer. He needed really good grades on his RATS in order to even meet the requirements for Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Charms, and DADA. It sucked that he still had to take so many advanced classes, but it would be worth it in the end. He had a whole year to start prepping himself for those exams.

After the first years were sorted, Isaac applauded loudly for the new Head students. Getting an honor like that required himself to get his name out there, but also being an impeccable student. He was especially thrilled to hear Cleo get called up to receive her Prefect badge. She had been so sure she wasn't going to get it last year. Isaac caught her eye and gave her two thumbs up with a smile. It was awesome that they were both Prefects now. It meant they'd see more of each other since they wouldn't be in the same classes this year.

There was a new coach and a concert to plan for. The moment after the headmaster announced that Prefects would be organizing it, several ideas ran through his head. They could have a circus act, as he was sure some of his classmates could pick it up. He wished Kyte or Raine were still here. They would've been perfect for that. Another idea was a mock battle--his housemates would love that. They could put on a play about some kind of adventure, or put on an actual concert singing some upbeat song that represented Pecari. Isaac himself didn't really play instruments, but he was sure at least someone did. The rest of them could sing as a chorus.

The other Prefects in his house were Lily and now Brett, neither of whom he knew very well. More ideas were coming to him, some more fantastical than others, and he was looking forward to discussing it with them. Organizing large gatherings, after all, was something he actually enjoyed.

"Oh, good choice," Isaac commented as Luke put some salmon on his plate. "I think I'll have some of that too. Yeah, summer was good. I visited my family in Korea for a couple months, then went to sports camp for about a month. It was cool. The workouts were intense, but I like it a lot. I'm thinking about joining Quidditch this year." Maybe it would impress Cleo too. None of his family members had played Quidditch in school. They had been more focused on the academics and social life.

"You were part of the Quidditch team before, right? What was it like for you?"

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    • Gotta love this student life — Isaac Song, Fri Jan 18 02:55
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