Jeremy Mordue
They are indeed
Fri Jan 18, 2019 07:05

“Very pleased to meet you,” Jeremy grinned, with something approaching genuine enthusiasm when Julius Astley said it was nice to meet him and held out his hand. Yes! Jeremy shook it, wondering whether Felipe’s suggestion that people here might be keen to meet him might not have been so wrong after all. For all Nathaniel thought Jeremy needed to brush up his etiquette, he was hardly going to have gone around bad mouthing him to everyone. Maybe Nathaniel had actually done the decent thing and talked him up to a few people. That would have been the helpful thing to do. Not that he needed help. And not that Nathaniel was going to get the credit if people liked Jeremy. Just, it’s what a good brother would have done.

“My brother’s mentioned you, of course,” he added, wanting to make sure Julius knew he was known to Jeremy and well thought of in the Mordue household, though wishing he didn’t have to credit Nathaniel out loud during this interaction. “And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the editions of the Aronos that he’s mailed home.”

He decided to also help himself to lamb because it looked rather good, but went for different side-dishes so it didn’t look like he was copying Julius because that would be weird.

  • Connections are certainly beneficialJulius Astley, Thu Jan 17 18:55
    Julius didn't hold so much hostility towards being at Sonora as he had done the previous year. He didn't frown or glare at anybody as he walked into Cascade Hall and took a seat at the Crotalus table ... more
    • They are indeed — Jeremy Mordue, Fri Jan 18 07:05
      • You are lucky to make a connection with me.Julius Astley, Fri Jan 18 20:17
        "Welcome to Crotalus," Julius added finally before releasing his firm grip on Jeremy's hand and returning to his dinner. Based on first impressions alone, Jeremy seemed suitable to socialise with... more
        • Indeed soJeremy Mordue, Sun Jan 20 00:25
          “Thank you,” Jeremy smiled, when Julius welcomed him to Crotalus. “It’s the house I was hoping for. I felt pretty sure I’d get it too,” he added. He decided not to point out that it was practically a ... more
          • Let's hope it lasts.Julius Astley, Wed Jan 23 18:55
            Julius reached for the jug of pumpkin juice that stood on the table just in front of him and filled his goblet and offered to fill Jeremy's before placing it back on the table. He quite liked the... more
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