Bridget Ferguson
Fri Jan 18, 2019 14:13

Although the Cascade Hall was bright and festive and full of the chatter of teenagers, to Bridget everything felt muted. Her mind was elsewhere and she only had the dimmest awareness of what was going on around her. She was doing what she had to do, but her heart just wasn't in it. In her heart, mind and spirit, she was at home with her parents. Mama had taken ill again this morning and for just a moment, it didn't look like Dad was going to see Bridget off this morning, but Mama had insisted and Aunt Issy had come to stay with her while Dad took Bridget to the wagon.

The first year moved slowly towards the sorting potion and dipped her badge in. Yellow. Teppenpaw. That was good. At least that meant her roommates would be nice. That was one less thing to worry about, she supposed. Of course, that didn't mean they'd be friends with Bridget. What if they had nothing in common, like if the other girls were really into Quidditch or something? Though at least it wasn't Pecari where they would think she was sub-human for not being into sports. The last thing Bridget needed was someone looking down on her for what she was or wasn't interested in. She had bigger issues.

The rest of Headmaster Brockert's brief speech barely aroused her attention. Connor hadn't gotten prefect-even though Bridget felt he would have made a good candidate-she didn't care who the Quidditch Coach was, so long as he didn't try to force people to play who didn't want to or look down on those who didn't, and she wasn't the least bit interested in participating in the school concert. Bridget knew that in the past that this was an event that parents attended and hers likely wouldn't be able to attend.

Once the school song ended and the feast began, Bridget looked over the table. She wasn't really feeling like eating much. All the new Teppenpaw really wanted to do was go up to her room and read. She supposed she was thirsty though. "Could you pass me the pumpkin juice please?" Bridget asked the person across from her.

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                  "Yes," Zara confirmed, when Johana-Leonie asked if she understood. "That's cool," she smiled, slipping into the more colloquial way of talking because it was just such a habitual response. Zara found ... more
                  • Nein, Nett!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Mon Jan 14 21:31
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                      Zara grinned upon hearing Johana-Leonie utter the word "cool," or something very like it. If she had mastered that word already, they would be just fine. "At home," Zara replied, when Johana-Leonie... more
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