Felipe de Matteo
Americans introduce themselves so strangely.
Fri Jan 18, 2019 14:40

Felipe raised an eyebrow at Cleo's introduction, and pursed his lips in thought. Except that he did none of that on the outside. Maintaining the stoic expression that his father favored for business transactions, Felipe's eyebrows remained in place and his lips adopted a polite up turn. He was fairly sure that Americans didn't all introduce themselves by their last names, but between Jeremy Mordue of the Oregon Mordues and Cleo, Cleo James, he was less certain than he had been before. He wondered if he was supposed to think Cleo James was important too.

He decided to apply the same test.

"Pleasure," he said, offering a more genuine smile and a hand to shake. "My name is Felipe."

In this case, since Cleo James seemed much less cocky than Jeremy Mordue, he did not comment on his lack of knowledge about the who's who of American pureblood wizardry. Instead, he extended a softer approach.

Taking a bit of his food and chewing quietly for a moment, Felipe allowed himself the luxury of examining Cleo's face for some sign of her thoughts at his own introduction. He hardly saw the point in giving away his family name, and she'd heard it announced anyway. There was little to gain from that and this was much more fun.

"Are you from around here?" he asked, moderately excited to see whether this would push a button for her. Who knew social interactions could be so fun? Sonora was turning out well for Felipe so far. "I'm from Mexico," he added after a long enough break that if she were offended by not being known, she would now have to backtrack over herself to realize that it was because he was not from here, not because she was unimportant.

He took another delicate bite of food and watched Cleo James' face, eager to see her reaction.

  • "Maybe later," Cleo mumbled, when the new boy suggested and selected shrimp. She did not really like fishy things, and shrimp looked little and wriggly and you could almost imagine them swimming... more
    • Americans introduce themselves so strangely. — Felipe de Matteo, Fri Jan 18 14:40
      • Cleo blinked for a fraction of a second longer than was normal when a hand was held out to her, though quickly shook it because she knew that there was really no other choice. She appeared more... more
        • Proper ones of course. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 27 23:46
          Felipe didn't consider Cleo's pause particularly strange, as he was more than used to people taking each social action only after deliberate thought. He would have almost thought it stranger had she... more
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