Jozua Sparks
Why am I still here?
Fri Jan 18, 2019 21:09

Quidditch last year wasn't terrible. Well it was, but only because the first string Keeper and the reserve Keeper kept taking Keeper from him during practice matches, which meant he got stuck playing Beater, and he hated playing Beater. And Lily had seemed to love playing at the away games, seeing new schools and sights, and he couldn't go with her on those trips because he'd signed up as a non-competitive player who could fill out practice teams, but didn't want to play matches.

He kind of regretted that after a while. He actually wasn't a terrible Keeper, really. He might have even been better than Tatiana who got first string. He was taller than her at any rate, with better reach. He still wasn't sure he wouldn't freeze in a real game, or hate it more when there was a match that actually mattered to people, where he felt like he was failing his friends, his team, his school, if he let a Quaffle through to score against them, but . . . he didn't think he wanted another year of getting shuffled around to all the worst positions (ie, beater and chaser) when there was really only one he was any good at at all.

So this year, he had a choice. He could sign-up and really play for the Sonora team, or he could quit the team all together.

The latter was kind of tempting. He didn't actually like Quidditch all that much. He'd joined because Teppenpaw had needed bodies when he was a first year. He'd stayed for the same reason until Joe had the dumb idea of making him assistant captain, and then he stayed out of obligation to Joe. Then last year happened, and he'd decided to be a practice-only player so he could hang out with Lily, and . . . well, he'd already gone over how that turned out.

So he almost didn't sign up. There were other things he could do with Lily than sit on a broom and have nothing to do with each other on the pitch because nobody was stupid enough to make him Beat against Lily, and neither were they stupid enough to assign him guarding her either (unless she was Seeker that game) because then all the other Chasers on the team were at risk. Best case scenario, he was Keeper and she was Chaser, which meant either she was successfully keeping him bored, or he and his girlfriend were in direct conflict where one would be a winner and the other a loser for every exchange between them.

On the other hand, he'd been on the Quidditch team for six long years. It felt kind of like abandonment to stop now, in his seventh year, just when he might actually be almost close to competent. And he kind of did want to go on those trips to other schools with Lily.

So there it was. His name on the sign-up sheet. Again. For the last time. For his last year.

Jozua Sparks, 7th Year, Teppenpaw, Keeper

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    • Why am I still here? — Jozua Sparks, Fri Jan 18 21:09
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