Yeah. Well. What eleven year old shakes hands?
Sat Jan 19, 2019 05:31

Cleo blinked for a fraction of a second longer than was normal when a hand was held out to her, though quickly shook it because she knew that there was really no other choice. She appeared more startled by the gesture than anything else, and tense about completing the transaction, as if afraid he might bite.

“Nice to meet you,” she added, a little quietly.

She had reported the incident with Isaac to Professor Skies last year (in what had to easily be the most awkward conversation she had ever had to have with a teacher, and which was so unfair because no one else had to go around describing their dates to the staff, or - worse still - explaining the moments within them that had gone disastrously wrong). They had stepped up sessions in the mirage chamber again, and… and she still felt unsure about what caused her to do The Veela Thing and make boys go goopy. It was super inconvenient. Luckily, however, it did not seem to be touch activated. Or, if Felipe had been affected by that, it had worn off as soon as she had let go.

“Uh. Yeah. Colorado,” she answered, when he asked if she was from round here, “So, pretty close.” They’d chosen the closest school, in fact. Perhaps a silly consideration when you could whizz around by Floo powder or portkeys. Distance shouldn’t have really mattered. But it was comforting to know she was close to home.

“Oh. That’s cool,” she answered when he said he was from Mexico, her tone not betraying any particular feelings about it. She took a few bites of her dinner, searching for something to follow that up with. “What made you come to school here?”

  • Americans introduce themselves so strangely.Felipe de Matteo, Fri Jan 18 14:40
    Felipe raised an eyebrow at Cleo's introduction, and pursed his lips in thought. Except that he did none of that on the outside. Maintaining the stoic expression that his father favored for business... more
    • Yeah. Well. What eleven year old shakes hands? — Cleo, Sat Jan 19 05:31
      • Proper ones of course. Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 27 23:46
        Felipe didn't consider Cleo's pause particularly strange, as he was more than used to people taking each social action only after deliberate thought. He would have almost thought it stranger had she... more
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