That's all I can ask for.
Sat Jan 19, 2019 19:16

Any disappointment at the fact that her roommate did not speak English was forgotten the moment Beatriz found out that Hilda played Quidditch. Her whole face lit up. Now she could really envisage being friends with this girl.

Beatriz smiled when Hilda announced her position. It made sense, given her roommate’s build, and also meant that she was serious enough about the sport to be dedicated to a particular position.

“Yeah, I do,” Beatriz grinned back, nodding enthusiastically. It was fairly obvious that she was also excited. “I’m a Chaser.” She hoped Hilda understood what she meant, since she had known how to say Beater in English.

Beatriz pieced together some of the flashcards to form the question: “Do you play matches?” She hoped that Hilda understood what she meant by that as she was keen to know if Hilda, like herself, had played for a club at home. Hilda sounded enthusiastic about the sport and if she was even half as Quidditch mad as Beatriz was, the new Pecari couldn’t see any reason why the two of them wouldn’t make great friends. She was already imagining the extra practices they could do together.

It was good that Hilda played in a different position to Beatriz, meaning that their potential friendship didn’t have to be ruined by the two of them competing against one another to get onto the school team. Of course, there was still the chance for one to get on the team and the other not to but Beatriz hoped that didn’t happen. It would be nice to have a fellow first year on the team and she felt fairly confident because, well, she knew she was good, and Hilda was European.

  • OOC: That's fine. BIC: Hilda smiled, perking up a little, when her roommate thanked her in German, without consulting a card. That was very very promising, though no further words in her native... more
    • That's all I can ask for. — Beatriz, Sat Jan 19 19:16
      • Then we should get alongHilda, Sat Jan 19 22:10
        Between the excited nodding and the fairly short sentence that included all words Hilda actually knew, she gathered, in spite of the English, that her new roommate was a Chaser who did indeed play... more
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