Gwen Fintoc
Change is inevitable [tag: Finn]
Sun Jan 20, 2019 01:05

Gwen was facing several changes going into her sixth year of Sonora, some good and some perhaps less so. Daniel had graduated and she was now the only Fintoc left at the school. It was a strange thought and she had felt unusually lonely when she had boarded the flying wagon. It had felt odd enough the first year without Chuck but now she didn’t have any of her cousins to prevent her from feeling homesick. She wished her sister had come to Sonora as well. Alice was entering her fourth year but went to school elsewhere, along with Dan’s brother Anthony. Gwen didn’t think she would want one of her cousins to be in the same year as her, even if it would have solved the issue of being the only one left at her school, as she liked the independence. Her cousins were too much like siblings.

But Gwen was almost seventeen and she’d got used to being away from home for long periods of time. She never stopped missing her family and the ranch whilst she was away but she was okay with it. One day she would get married and move away from home anyway so boarding school was essentially a drawn out weaning method. Gwen hoped that day wasn’t so far away now.

On the bright side of things, Gwen had done well in her CATS exams and was looking forward to focusing on her favourite subjects now that she was a RATS students. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy for her but it would definitely be interesting, so it was all worth it. What’s more, she would be sharing classes with Finn again - although this was a bit of mixed blessing since he was in his last year. Gwen hoped they would stay friends even after he left, if not more. They kept in touch through letters over the holidays and had both visited each other’s homes so she didn’t see why that should end even without Sonora keeping them connected.

Gwen watched as the first years were sorted, thinking about how small they looked. It was funny to think she was that small once upon a time. They were children. Gwen didn’t know when the turning point happened exactly but she was well and truly on her way to womanhood now. Although she was a slim girl, her body had become much more voluptuous in more recent years, so there was no mistaking her for a child anymore.

When Finn was announced as Head Boy, Gwen grinned and clapped enthusiastically. She was happy for her friend and felt proud too. She had always been disappointed that she had never got a prefect badge herself, although she kept this to herself. Chuck had been a prefect and she had believed that she and Dan would have also made good prefects too. Gwen wasn’t bitter about it though, and she knew that their absence when Granddad Fintoc was ill had probably stood in the way of their being appointed anyway.

“Well done!” She whispered when Finn sat back down at the table. “Here,” Gwen added, continuing her hushed tones, taking the badge from him and pinning it to his robes. It was only when she had done it that she suddenly questioned the action and blushed when she looked him in the eye. She quickly turned her attention back to the headmaster, hoping Finn hadn’t noticed the pink colour appear in her cheeks. In her mind she tried to claim that she’d just got too used to looking after her little cousins over the summer, but she knew that wasn’t really the reason she had helped Finn with the badge. The real reason had something to do with the tingling feeling she got when their hands had touch in the transfer of the badge.

When it was time to eat, Gwen’s face had returned to normal and she helped herself to some chicken breast. She turned to Finn, glad that she was finally able to talk to him properly. “Well done on Head Boy - you deserve it,” Gwen smiled. “I hope you’ll still be able to find time for me.” The last part was a joke, made obvious by the grin upon her face.

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