Dorian Montoir
Omens of Doom
Sun Jan 20, 2019 07:04

It was September the second, and the term was not off to a good start. Dorian had been about to step out of his room, when Kir McLeod had walked down the corridor, causing Dorian to flinch backwards into his room because the sixth year was brandishing a large bunch of balloons. Dorian did not like balloons. He was not run-out-the-room-screaming terrified of them but they made him very uncomfortable. People thought balloons were nice, and added a sense of cheer. Dorian though balloons ruined events with the ever present threat of a sudden, moderately loud noise, and the accompanying tension that brought. He also did not relish the thought of anyone finding this out because, as he knew from having a horrible older brother, it was a fear that was both incredibly amusing to others and very easily exploited. He had several very unpleasant memories of Matthieu squeezing balloons in a threatening manner very near his face and, even when they didn’t burst, they made that terrible squeaky noise, which just made his skin crawl. He suspected whatever incident had made him afraid of balloons in the first place had been his brother’s fault because… well, which of his childhood traumas and emotional hang-ups wasn’t?

The only mild silver lining was that he was pretty sure Kir hadn’t seen him jump backwards, and the only person who might have done was Vlad, and he already knew about the balloon thing, having had to rescue Dorian from the ones Matthieu had sent to taunt him on his birthday in first year. It was a pretty slim silver lining when all he had wanted was a nice, pleasant start to the day and it now felt like the universe was conspiring against him. Or, at the very least, lightly mocking him, neither of which he wanted from it. He hoped that they were not a portent for the year to come.

He decided to take a seat at Pecari table. Pecari would not have been his usual choice for his first breakfast back. Ordinarily, he probably would have gone to Aladren. However, the balloons were at Aladren, and there was a chance they might conceivably move to Teppenpaw at some point, so that was also out. He was enough of a table-hopper outside of feasts that his presence at Pecari was probably not going to be considered too unusual. He could, after all, be waiting for Tatiana. That was hopefully what people would assume, if they wanted to assume anything at all about his presence there. He was sitting so that he could keep the balloons in his peripheral vision, check what they were up to, notice when they were leaving, but was not directly facing them so that he didn’t have to stare at them all the time. Though he found his eyes kept being drawn that way. Well… hopefully that didn’t seem too odd. They were eye-catching, as well as being horrible squeaky potential explosions. He found his eyes going to dart up at them again, only to find that someone seemed to be heading in his direction.

    • Oh, I should've worn black lipstick then.Evelyn Stones, Wed Jan 23 13:34
      Evelyn was feeling a bit of a mess. Although she was pretty happy with how things were going at Sonora so far, there were always complications. However, she was happy to be wearing her makeup today,... more
      • I don't think it would have helpedDorian, Wed Jan 23 23:20
        Dorian was rather surprised by the person who came and took a seat with him. She was in Pecari, so it made sense for her to come and sit at that table, but why was she coming to sit with him? They... more
        • But it would have been more fun. Evelyn Stones, Wed Jan 23 23:47
          Evelyn was a bit surprised that the Teppenpaw seemed so unfriendly. Perhaps that was too strong a word, but she had done him the courtesy of at least making polite small talk and greeting him while... more
          • You have a strange sense of funDorian, Thu Jan 24 00:13
            There were two different versions of Dorian; the one who came out around his friends who was warm and talkative and who smiled easily, and the one who dealt with strangers, who was quiet and... more
            • You have a strange sense of home. Evelyn Stones, Sun Feb 10 23:30
              Evelyn was mid-bite when Dorian replied, and she paused with her mouth open before putting down her fork, food still on it, and considering Dorian more closely. "That's a very good reply," she said,... more
              • That's rudeDorian, Tue Feb 12 05:25
                The other girl stopped. Like, literally, fork down, dead stop. Dorian blinked as she declared his answer good. “Thanks,” he managed, relieved that the odd gesture wasn’t an indicator of anger. It... more
                • I tend to be. Sorry about that. Evelyn Stones, Wed Feb 20 00:15
                  Dorian didn't say much. Evelyn thought that was odd. She knew he was nice; did that mean she should talk less? She hated to think that she talked too much, particularly since she usually thought of... more
                  • Apparently I am as wellDorian, Thu Feb 21 07:47
                    This girl was definitely strange. Dorian supposed most people were strange, in some way, to some others. Maybe people found Tatya’s jewellery strange, or Jehan’s hypothetical questions. He supposed... more
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