Christabel Davidson
Re: Welcome to Sonora!
Sun Jan 20, 2019 15:45

"Oh! Um, hi," said Christabel, wanting to slide right under her seat and hide forever after being caught staring. She took a deep breath and tried to carry on; she was supposed to make friends with people in her house, so maybe now was a good opportunity to give that a try. "The tour was... pretty good, actually. I was kind of nervous though- I think I'm still going to get lost."

She fiddled with one of her braids for a moment. "I'm not sure I even know where our common room is. I tried to remember everything they told us but there's just so much to learn!"

Christabel cleared her throat, looking a little embarrassed. "Sorry. My mom says I talk a lot." She smiled. "I'm Christabel, by the way. It's nice to meet you."

She let out her breath all at once, hoping none of the other students sitting nearby would notice. Sure, it was exciting to be here, but it was also somewhat nerve-wracking. It was already difficult not to just blurt out everything that came into her head.

On the other hand, she was already managing to have a proper conversation with a seventh-year. That was something to be pleased about; Aladren looked like it might just be a place where she'd fit in.

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    • Re: Welcome to Sonora! — Christabel Davidson, Sun Jan 20 15:45
      • Great! You'll do fine.Zevalyn, Sun Jan 20 21:10
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        • Re: Great! You'll do fine.Christabel Davidson, Wed Jan 23 16:13
          Christabel was relieved to be able to talk about something she was certain about. "I'm really excited for Care of Magical Creatures," she said. "I can't have magical pets at home because my dad and I ... more
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