Evelyn Stones
Oh, I should've worn black lipstick then.
Wed Jan 23, 2019 13:34

Evelyn was feeling a bit of a mess. Although she was pretty happy with how things were going at Sonora so far, there were always complications. However, she was happy to be wearing her makeup today, sure that she'd eventually run out of energy and go back to just wearing lipstick. Today, she was wearing her staple orange. It was a favorite of CJ's and hers, and there was something familiar about the whole thing. Her eyeshadow was blue, and she felt like a million bucks, if a million bucks was gawky and a little bit awkward. Maybe she felt like a million ducks.

When she went down for breakfast that morning, she wasn't terribly surprised to find students in all the wrong places for the meal. She didn't often sit with Ness just because something about the Aladren made her think that it would be better to follow the "rules" in this cause, one but she did occasionally and it was commonplace to see other students sitting anywhere they pleased throughout the Hall. When she saw a boy sitting at the Pecari table that she recognized but didn't know well, she thought it might be good to approach him. This was more due to the look of painful discomfort that set his shoulders and face than anything else, but maybe she was just reading into it. It was a face that Julius made sometime, which made her think this boy was not particularly comfortable sharing his feelings about . . . anything. Okay, maybe that was just Julius.

Why were boys so difficult?

"Good morning," she said, plunking down across from the boy and smiling at him. "I'm Evelyn. You're friends with Tatiana, right?" she added, suddenly remembering where she knew him from.

  • Omens of DoomDorian Montoir, Sun Jan 20 07:04
    It was September the second, and the term was not off to a good start. Dorian had been about to step out of his room, when Kir McLeod had walked down the corridor, causing Dorian to flinch backwards... more
    • Oh, I should've worn black lipstick then. — Evelyn Stones, Wed Jan 23 13:34
      • I don't think it would have helpedDorian, Wed Jan 23 23:20
        Dorian was rather surprised by the person who came and took a seat with him. She was in Pecari, so it made sense for her to come and sit at that table, but why was she coming to sit with him? They... more
        • But it would have been more fun. Evelyn Stones, Wed Jan 23 23:47
          Evelyn was a bit surprised that the Teppenpaw seemed so unfriendly. Perhaps that was too strong a word, but she had done him the courtesy of at least making polite small talk and greeting him while... more
          • You have a strange sense of funDorian, Thu Jan 24 00:13
            There were two different versions of Dorian; the one who came out around his friends who was warm and talkative and who smiled easily, and the one who dealt with strangers, who was quiet and... more
            • You have a strange sense of home. Evelyn Stones, Sun Feb 10 23:30
              Evelyn was mid-bite when Dorian replied, and she paused with her mouth open before putting down her fork, food still on it, and considering Dorian more closely. "That's a very good reply," she said,... more
              • That's rudeDorian, Tue Feb 12 05:25
                The other girl stopped. Like, literally, fork down, dead stop. Dorian blinked as she declared his answer good. “Thanks,” he managed, relieved that the odd gesture wasn’t an indicator of anger. It... more
                • I tend to be. Sorry about that. Evelyn Stones, Wed Feb 20 00:15
                  Dorian didn't say much. Evelyn thought that was odd. She knew he was nice; did that mean she should talk less? She hated to think that she talked too much, particularly since she usually thought of... more
                  • Apparently I am as wellDorian, Thu Feb 21 07:47
                    This girl was definitely strange. Dorian supposed most people were strange, in some way, to some others. Maybe people found Tatya’s jewellery strange, or Jehan’s hypothetical questions. He supposed... more
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