Christabel Davidson
Re: Great! You'll do fine.
Wed Jan 23, 2019 16:13

Christabel was relieved to be able to talk about something she was certain about.

"I'm really excited for Care of Magical Creatures," she said. "I can't have magical pets at home because my dad and I are the only magical folks in our part of town. My mom always says she doesn't know what to do if something escapes while my dad isn't home, but I'm pretty sure she just doesn't want to clean up any mess. Non-magical pets only in our house- that's why I brought a cat with me instead of an owl."

She smiled. "My grandma on my dad's side breeds Puffskeins though, so I know a little bit already- probably not anything that other students wouldn't know, but enough to be able to keep up. Hopefully it'll be enough for me to stay out of trouble too, but that bit might be a little harder." Christabel leaned a little closer to Zevalyn and lowered her voice. "I don't try to get into trouble, you know? And it's never really bad trouble. There's just so many interesting things out there to learn about!"

Christabel stopped speaking then, sitting up straight and clearing her throat as she realised she might have already caused problems for herself- and on the very first day too. "I um, I probably shouldn't say that to the Head Girl, right? Anyway, Dad says I'll be too busy learning useful things here to be too nosy about anything else."

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    "Nice to meet you, Christabel," she said, after the younger student introduced herself, deciding to start with the easy quick and part. Then she continued, addressing the concerns that had been... more
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