Felipe De Matteo
Proper ones of course.
Sun Jan 27, 2019 23:46

Felipe didn't consider Cleo's pause particularly strange, as he was more than used to people taking each social action only after deliberate thought. He would have almost thought it stranger had she responded much faster. He wondered what she was considering though, as she hadn't seemed particularly strategic or high-minded about anything else so far. When she released her shake and answered his question, Felipe nodded. He was well-versed on geography and knew the United States well.

"Was it hard adjusting to the weather here? The climates between Arizona and Colorado are quite different," he asked politely, happy to have struck on a conversation that was almost mildly interesting.

When she asked about why he came to school here, Felipe paused. He had told Jeremy Mordue something about cultural diversity or studying abroad or linguistic proficiency or something, which was true, but only part of the story. There were other schools he could've gone too, probably any other school he wanted to go to, but why here?

"Sonora's history reflects some of the values my family holds most dearly," he said in a softer voice than he'd used before. He hardly knew whether it was from genuine vulnerability or learned, tactical vulnerability, but it didn't matter much. The story was true either way. "As does study abroad. It seemed appropriate to seek education in an institution close to home, in a place where Mexican-American relations frequently come to head, and where I could work with a diverse student population." He shrugged, sure his response wasn't going to be what she wanted to hear. "I am glad to meet kind people," he added more diplomatically, nodding in her direction and offering a polite smile.

Always polite, always tactical, always a proper heir to a legacy he didn't want.

Felipe stifled a sigh and ate a shrimp.

  • Cleo blinked for a fraction of a second longer than was normal when a hand was held out to her, though quickly shook it because she knew that there was really no other choice. She appeared more... more
    • Proper ones of course. — Felipe De Matteo, Sun Jan 27 23:46
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