Happy birthday to you!
Fri Feb 1, 2019 07:50

Kir wasn’t entirely sure what he’d done to earn the epithet of ‘madman’ that particular morning, but it was a frequent enough assertion of those around him that he didn’t question it too much. He vaguely assumed it was his comment that people might not have noticed her until now

“Thanks,” he smiled, accepting it as a compliment. It was said with affection. And with kisses, which he happily returned. “I missed you too.” He had seen the little head shake, the suggestion of ‘oh, you shouldn’t have’ but he didn’t take that to, on any level, mean that he should not have done the thing he had done. The idea that someone might not want fanfare and fuss, especially when it was their birthday and they had extra doubly earnt it, was foreign to him.

“These are also for you,” he added, pulling a pair of neatly wrapped presents from his bag. “Happy birthday.” There was one Very Obviously Book Shaped parcel. It was not a book. There was one Not Remotely Book Shaped parcel. It was one. He had thought it might be cruel to mess with an Aladren in such a fashion, to make them think they were getting a book when they were not, or to make them doubt that any of their presents were books, because both of these things were liable to make them sad. However, he figured that given that actually one of the parcels would turn out to be a book in the end, it would be ok, regardless of the little emotional rollercoaster they were about to ride to get there. And he thought he might get credit for his spellwork. “This one first,” he said, holding out the book shaped parcel which, upon opening, would suddenly condense itself down to a small bookmark. It was a silver falcon, which neatly unfolded its wings to hang over a page and tucked them back in again when removed. Engraved on the back was ‘For Zev, the most Aladreny Aladren that ever Aladrened.’ The not book shaped parcel was soft and squishy and scarf shaped-and-textured, but upon opening would become distinctly more book like and reveal itself to be a volume entitled ‘Ten Muggleborn Women Who Changed The World(s).’

  • I love you anywayZevalyn, Thu Jan 31 13:24
    Zevalyn was seventeen today, which probably made her the oldest student in the school. Having a birthday one day after the cutoff might have annoyed her had she been anyone else, but given her late... more
    • Happy birthday to you! — Kir, Fri Feb 1 07:50
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