Sylvia Mordue
Dinner with one of my girls (tag any beginner GG)
Fri Feb 8, 2019 22:27

Why had Nate had to talk to that awful girl? It was simply wrong, and it had thrown Sylvia’s whole day - no, her whole world off kilter! There were supposed to be established rules and orders. People like them did not associate with people like that! She had made that a rule within the Gardenia Girls, that they did not sit with lesser people, and now her own cousin had gone and done just that. And not that he was a Gardenia Girl, obviously, but he was supposed to be an acceptable and reputable boy with whom Gardenia Girls could associate. Not that it was Nate’s fault. It was clearly That Girl’s. That Girl would probably like nothing more than to get her social climbing little claws into a boy like Nate. Well, that was not going to happen. Sylvia would do something about it, about all of it.

For now though, the best thing she could do was check in with her Girls. Chit chat. Reforge those connections. They had not been lost over the summer, of course. She had attended as many society events as she was able, in order to see and be seen, and had written to all of them, even the ones she wasn’t particularly interested in or personally close to, like Topaz Brockert and Katerina Vorontsova. They needed to remember that she existed, and that she was important. She also needed to set the beginner students the task of working out who was who in their peer group, to see who should be invited to join them.

After the first day of classes and some light studying, she made her way down to the Cascade Hall for dinner. Just as she was arriving, she crossed paths with one of the beginners from her select little group.

“Good evening. I was hoping I’d have a chance to have dinner with you,” she smiled. “Shall we?” she invited, gesturing towards Crotalus table.

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