Johana Leonie Zauberhexen
Thu Feb 14, 2019 15:32

OOC - Everything Johana Leonie says is in German in this post, unless stated otherwise.

IC -

Johana Leonie had gotten up early Sunday morning a few weeks into the term, determined to spend some time doing the things she missed doing at home. While the autumn weather was hardly autumnal at Sonora - at least not compared to her home in Germany - it was still something to be enjoyed. Johana Leonie had packed her flute into a fabric sash bag around her hips and made her way outside. The hills and trees and gardens of Sonora were really beautiful, even if they did seem strange, and Johana Leonie occupied herself playing melodies her mother loved as she meandered. Only the call of her empty stomach could summon her back inside.

And it did. Shortly before noon, Johana Leonie decided she was more hungry than adventurous and made her way back towards the castle. Cascade Hall was a sight that never ceased to amaze her, and she stuffed her flute in her sash again as she stepped through the doors. Food was laid out and students wandered in and out, occupying themselves with food, study, and entertainment as their weekend allowed.

She wasn't particularly keen on sitting at the Teppenpaw table today, as she would be perfectly happy to sit alone. It was easier than trying to relax and make conversation at the same time, and sitting alone at the table full of friendly housemates was challenging. When she saw an arm waving at her from the Aladren table, and the arm was attached to Hilda Hexenmeister, Johana Leonie decided that sitting alone was unnecessary after all. Smiling, she made her way towards Hilda and her brother, the latter of which looking significantly less excited to see her. She supposed that made sense - she was his little sister's friend, not his. Yet.

"Hello," she greeted them in German, happy to revert an easier language. "May I join you?" She'd been invited, but asking only seemed polite. When affirmation was given, she took a seat and began putting food on her plate. She was happy to see that whatever magic of the castle provided food for them had apparently reacted to the presence of so many German students all together and almost managed some authentic dishes. Almost.

She took a scoop of the nearest delicacy and smiled across the table at Hilda and Heinrich. "Are you both enjoying the weekend?"

    • Willkommen!Hilda (with some Heinrich), Tue Feb 26 12:43
      Hilda was sitting with her brother over lunch. She usually had at least one meal with him each day. Another was usually spent with Johana Leonie. The third was often at Pecari, so her Housemates... more
      • Vielen Danke!Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Thu Feb 28 01:05
        Johana Leonie tried not to look hurt when Heinrich seemed so clearly disinterested in her presence. She wasn't awful already, was she? Perhaps he'd had a bad day . . . or perhaps he was nervous?... more
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