Looking For... Girl?
Sat Feb 16, 2019 05:45

Gary looked across the room in Jasmine's general direction as he answered Kir's question. "Social interaction as pertaining to the courting of the fairer sex." He replied forlornly. "I believe the technical term for my affliction is 'smitten'. I can't make the saves to resolve it either way. Shaking the condition has proven impossible, and admittedly unwanted." He paused and sighed a bit as he watched the girl across the room.

"However, acting on the feelings has been equally difficult." His recent failure today was fresh in his mind, along with the numerous times he'd tried one type of plan or another in classes. "How did you manage to talk to Zev, and get her to reciprocate? Help me Obi Kir Kenobi, you're my only hope." He slumped in the seat, not knowing what else to do.

  • Clarifying the mission objectiveKir, Fri Feb 15 05:56
    Kir was slightly surprised when someone immediately slid into Zevalyn’s recently vacated seat, but was pleased to see Gary. They didn’t socialise a lot outside of game time - it had been slightly... more
    • Looking For... Girl? — Gary, Sat Feb 16 05:45
      • There are so very many to choose fromKir, Sat Feb 16 21:12
        Gary had a unique way of presenting the issue. It was sciency, and there were D&D references and something that was definitely a pop culture reference which he could probably write Aunt Lola about... more
        • If only that were trueGary, Sun Feb 17 08:55
          Gary inwardly cringed a bit at Kir's reply. Zev was a nerd, Kir might be headed that direction, but was he when they had started? He looked at the Teppenpaw prefect a little questioningly, "How did... more
          • "Yeah, underneath the soft and fluffy Teppenpaw exterior lurks a solid nerd, and always has done. I get excited for theory classes. I like doing my homework. I alphabetise things that I notice are... more
            • Objectivity is not a valid argument hereGary, Wed Feb 20 17:09
              Kir had always been a nerd? That was disheartening. No evidence for converting a non-nerd into a nerd. Gary sighed. Maybe it was still possible, but it would have been nice to have some precedence... more
              • “Goes wrong how?” Kir asked, when Gary mentioned bad luck both with partnering Jasmine in class and speaking to her just now. “I mean… I suspect something like that exists,” he commented, when Gary... more
                • "Eh," Gary started off his response to Kir."It's just a string of really bad luck I guess. Mostly she's just already with people. But a few of the times she hasn't, I've tripped or dropped everything ... more
                  • Phew. So long as he has a book.Kir, Sat Feb 23 20:38
                    Kir wondered whether, subconsciously, Gary was sabotaging himself. He wanted to talk to Jasmine, of course he did, but it was tempting to leave it up to fate - to sit with her the next time there’s a ... more
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