If only that were true
Sun Feb 17, 2019 08:55

Gary inwardly cringed a bit at Kir's reply. Zev was a nerd, Kir might be headed that direction, but was he when they had started? He looked at the Teppenpaw prefect a little questioningly, "How did her being a nerd help? Were you one as well, back when you started... seeing her?" He wasn't at all sure what the right term was, was it 'dating' if you're locked in the same building together all the time? From what he knew, and what his limited investigative abilities had been able to turn up, Jasmine was not much of a nerd. Did that doom any chance he'd have? If Kir hadn't been strong to the nerd side, had Zev pulled him in, and could the same be done to another? He readily admitted that it would be much preferable to fall for someone that shared all of the same interests and such, but what if that wasn't the case? What then?

He weighed in his mind the possible outcomes of handing over her name to Kir. Especially after his admittance of inability to stop talking. This however could be one possible, indirect, solution to his problem. If word made it to her ears of his interest, he may well find out her thoughts on the subject are and the matter would be put to rest one way or another. True, the whole school may also know at the same time, but he decided he didn't really care on that front. He didn't interact with many of the other students much anyway, and if he got rejected he could always just crawl back into the traditional isolationist hole of his studies again in a vain attempt to purge her from his system. If she was agreeable to the idea, then he could approach her with some confidence of a successful social interaction.

"Jasmine Delachene," He stated simply to Kir looking back to her across the room. "As for things in common? We're both human, magically gifted, attending Sonora Academy, in our fourth year here... umm..." He faltered then sighed. "That is a chunk of the problem. Outside of classes, we haven't interacted much. Our first year was the bonfire and we hung out there quite a bit and had a fun time. At least I did. Her family owns a pegasai ranch in the desert somewhere and they camp out a lot while taking care of them. I wasn't interested in 'girls' at the time, so it was just hanging out for fun. I was going to hunt her down at the fair last year and see if she wanted to hang out, but it looked like she was spending time with her other friends." He smirked, "So I got to hang out with Ness instead. You've heard all about that."

  • There are so very many to choose fromKir, Sat Feb 16 21:12
    Gary had a unique way of presenting the issue. It was sciency, and there were D&D references and something that was definitely a pop culture reference which he could probably write Aunt Lola about... more
    • If only that were true — Gary, Sun Feb 17 08:55
      • "Yeah, underneath the soft and fluffy Teppenpaw exterior lurks a solid nerd, and always has done. I get excited for theory classes. I like doing my homework. I alphabetise things that I notice are... more
        • Objectivity is not a valid argument hereGary, Wed Feb 20 17:09
          Kir had always been a nerd? That was disheartening. No evidence for converting a non-nerd into a nerd. Gary sighed. Maybe it was still possible, but it would have been nice to have some precedence... more
          • “Goes wrong how?” Kir asked, when Gary mentioned bad luck both with partnering Jasmine in class and speaking to her just now. “I mean… I suspect something like that exists,” he commented, when Gary... more
            • "Eh," Gary started off his response to Kir."It's just a string of really bad luck I guess. Mostly she's just already with people. But a few of the times she hasn't, I've tripped or dropped everything ... more
              • Phew. So long as he has a book.Kir, Sat Feb 23 20:38
                Kir wondered whether, subconsciously, Gary was sabotaging himself. He wanted to talk to Jasmine, of course he did, but it was tempting to leave it up to fate - to sit with her the next time there’s a ... more
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