Evelyn Stones
I tend to be. Sorry about that.
Wed Feb 20, 2019 00:15

Dorian didn't say much. Evelyn thought that was odd. She knew he was nice; did that mean she should talk less? She hated to think that she talked too much, particularly since she usually thought of herself as fairly quiet. Perhaps she was simply reserved. Or perhaps she was just not very nice. This was going to take more work than she'd anticipated.

However, when the boy offered a smile, he almost seemed entertained. It struck her then that perhaps her kind of niceness wouldn't ever be the kind of niceness she saw in some people, but her own branch. The Evelyn branch of niceness, which was basically just being a weirdo and noticing people. She could probably do that easier than she could actually be nice.

"All eggs, I think," she decided, considering his question. "But that's why I like them. They can be so many different things. I never have to think too much about what I'd like for breakfast, just how I'd like them cooked. And if I make the wrong choice and get hard boiled eggs on a fried egg sort of day, it's still a delicious egg. They're also used in so many different cultures that when I get to travel, I think it will be easier to try new foods in other places. I can just try all the egg dishes all over the world." Evelyn was pretty some egg dishes would be terrible, but that was a point she was willing to forget for the sake of adventure.

"One nice thing about Sonora is that I can have eggs all different ways in the same meal. That's sort of exciting."

Now she really was talking too much. She wondered whether it would be better to just fade off into silence, or actually make a note of her ramblings. It was almost impossible that Dorian hadn't noticed, and she thought it was probably sort of rude to just keep going and then stop all of a sudden. "Sorry," she decided. "I don't mean to talk so much."

  • That's rudeDorian, Tue Feb 12 05:25
    The other girl stopped. Like, literally, fork down, dead stop. Dorian blinked as she declared his answer good. “Thanks,” he managed, relieved that the odd gesture wasn’t an indicator of anger. It... more
    • I tend to be. Sorry about that. — Evelyn Stones, Wed Feb 20 00:15
      • Apparently I am as wellDorian, Thu Feb 21 07:47
        This girl was definitely strange. Dorian supposed most people were strange, in some way, to some others. Maybe people found Tatya’s jewellery strange, or Jehan’s hypothetical questions. He supposed... more
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