Objectivity is not a valid argument here
Wed Feb 20, 2019 17:09

Kir had always been a nerd? That was disheartening. No evidence for converting a non-nerd into a nerd. Gary sighed. Maybe it was still possible, but it would have been nice to have some precedence set. Oh well. He listened to Kir's advise, most of which followed his own line of thinking. He needed to be able to interact with her in a situation that already had a reason for them to interact.

"Yeah," he said a little dejectedly, "That's what I was thinking as well. I just... well, haven't been having much luck with that approach. I've been trying to partner up with her in classes, and somehow it just goes wrong. Every time." He gave a weak shrug, "So I figured I'd try a different approach today, and boy did that ever not work." He sighed again, "Is it fate or something working against me? Am I cursed?" He paused for a moment, then looked at Kir, "Could it be a curse? Is there a way to check for that? What kind of petty, stupid curse would that be?" He stopped again.

"Now I'm just being ridiculous, aren't I?" He said with a sheepish grin, "It's just stupid, bad luck. I'll get to talk to her again at some point. Then we'll see what happens." He moved to stand up, then paused again. "I don't suppose you know anything more about her that would help me, do you?"

  • "Yeah, underneath the soft and fluffy Teppenpaw exterior lurks a solid nerd, and always has done. I get excited for theory classes. I like doing my homework. I alphabetise things that I notice are... more
    • Objectivity is not a valid argument here — Gary, Wed Feb 20 17:09
      • “Goes wrong how?” Kir asked, when Gary mentioned bad luck both with partnering Jasmine in class and speaking to her just now. “I mean… I suspect something like that exists,” he commented, when Gary... more
        • "Eh," Gary started off his response to Kir."It's just a string of really bad luck I guess. Mostly she's just already with people. But a few of the times she hasn't, I've tripped or dropped everything ... more
          • Phew. So long as he has a book.Kir, Sat Feb 23 20:38
            Kir wondered whether, subconsciously, Gary was sabotaging himself. He wanted to talk to Jasmine, of course he did, but it was tempting to leave it up to fate - to sit with her the next time there’s a ... more
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