Apparently I am as well
Thu Feb 21, 2019 07:47

This girl was definitely strange. Dorian supposed most people were strange, in some way, to some others. Maybe people found Tatya’s jewellery strange, or Jehan’s hypothetical questions. He supposed there was a strangeness about them, but in a way that he enjoyed. He was unsure about this new girl’s strangeness. It was not horrible. It was sort of interesting. But it was still… new strangeness. He did not have a certain feeling about it yet.

He wasn’t sure how seriously to take some of it, which was he supposed, what he found unnerving. He liked her ability to always look on the bright side of eggs (and English-speaking people talked about sunny side up eggs, and sunny meant bright and happy in some ways, and there might be a really good egg joke in there somewhere, but he was in no way confident enough to try and figure that out with a stranger). He was less sure about eating a meal made of different types of eggs, or eating egg dishes only when travelling. She was either strange or joking but he found it hard to tel, which made him reluctant to comment because if he got it wrong, she might laugh.

But then she was apologising for talking too much, and he realised that he must have been erring far too much on the side of caution, and now he had let her chatter on but with too few reactions to be sure of herself.

“No, it is not too much,” he assured her, “Uh… I…” get really anxious about sharing my thoughts with people who aren’t my close friends. He felt that was a reasonable standpoint. It was not fair that it was not okay to say this. Or perhaps he just thought it was not okay to say this. It was a sort of… self-sustaining problem that he felt one could not excuse oneself for being shy about sharing feelings without sharing a lot of feelings within that single statement. “I am happy to listen. My smaller sister, she does a lot of talking. I just… I listen,” he repeated lamely. “Do you have toast theory too?” he asked encouragingly, hoping that she would understand that he was perfectly happy to listen, just that he himself did not feel his ideas about breakfast were sufficiently revelatory to warrant a lot of sharing in return.

  • I tend to be. Sorry about that. Evelyn Stones, Wed Feb 20 00:15
    Dorian didn't say much. Evelyn thought that was odd. She knew he was nice; did that mean she should talk less? She hated to think that she talked too much, particularly since she usually thought of... more
    • Apparently I am as well — Dorian, Thu Feb 21 07:47
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